Ingenious Barkan DVD VCR Wall Accessory Mount Goes with Barkan TV Wall Mount

When I purchased a television set for my child’s room, I knew that I could not just sit it on a table. The television would not last long not broken that way! So then I noticed the television at her occupational therapist’s office, it was connected high up on the wall. Not only saving playroom space but safe from prying hands that could knock it over. Exactly what I needed for her room. So I searched for the cheapest television mount and found one brand new on Ebay. It has been a wonderful unit over the past few years, keeping the television safe from my daughter and my daughter safe from a falling television. So now I had to find an accessory as my daughter would want to watch her videos too! The accessory needed was the add-on VCR component to the Barkan TV Mount!

This add-on can be used for a DVD player, a VCR, or a cable box. Just ensure that you do not exceed the maximum weight for the TV Mount! We put a cable box and small VCR on it once and then only the VCR. The DVD/VCR mount connects right underneath the TV mount, TO the TV mount so it is underneath the television. Ours is silver matching the silver TV mount. It also comes in Metallic Black.The height of this mount can be adjusted depending on whether you are placing one or two items on it. It is compatible with all Barkan TV Mounts. The maximum weight that can be placed on the DVD/VCR mount is 25 pounds. A 7/16″ wrench is needed for assembly. As other Barkan products, this one has a lifetime warranty. This extra piece to your TV mount will make it taller so watch for walking height needed underneath it! Meets American, European, and International Standards. 9″x 13″ x 10″ is the size of this item.

Placement will not be an issue if you already have a TV mount on the wall, it just goes underneath. But if you are installing all of them together at once, look for outlets and cable cords needed and where the TV will be best seen in the room. This mount looks squarish with no bottom part except for small lips and the black straps to hold the VCR. It can be lengthened depending on the width you need for your items. Once placed in, your VCR is then surrounded by the straps and the strap tightened. It can be swiveled from side to side but not tilted. If your TV mount is already up, this VCR mount will take minutes to install. It is made of silver metal and weighs only about two pounds. Thick sturdy plastic ends cover each end of it, covering the hardware. It swivels any way you want, separately from the swivel of the television mount. There is nothing covering the front of the VCR or DVD, it is held in place with the straps and little shelf underneath.

This item comes in 13 pieces. The toughest part of installation is removing the television from the TV mount first and then placing the television back on after installation is done. Cords do hang down but a PVC pipe can cover them. I had issues with the VCR cord not being long enough to reach the outlet closer to the floor so needed an extension cord. Watch for children climbing to put in videotapes, maybe a footstool will solve this problem. My daughter did not know how to work the VCR until recently so this was not an issue. Now she can reach to put them in so it isn’t a problem.

A lifesaver to prevent kids from breaking electronics in their room but also gets the television, VCR, DVD, and cable box out of the way for more playroom! No worries about kids pulling them down on top of them! Works great, easy installation, and is securely attached to the wall! I paid $25 for this VCR/DVD mount to go along with the TV mount that I already owned.