Indiana GED Test Guidelines and Requirements

General Education Development, or GED, tests have become a significant program for adults to gain a diploma in a nontraditional method. In Indiana, the GED examination is overseen by the Indiana Department of Education and is offered to Indiana residents who have not gained a high school diploma. If you are interested in earning your GED, then you must meet all eligibility requirements and successfully complete a five-part examination.

Indiana GED Test Guidelines:

In order to register for the Indiana GED examination, you must be an official resident of Indiana. The Indiana Department of Education states that a legal resident is any person who has lived in Indiana for the past thirty (30) days.

All testers must be at least 17 years old; however, if you are under the age of 18 then you must provide the Indiana GED testing facility with documentation from your previous school stating you are officially withdrawn and you must take and pass the Official GED Practice Test. Practice tests are held at GED testing locations throughout Indiana. To schedule a practice test, contact your local testing facility.

Of course, to qualify for the Indiana GED test, you cannot hold a high school diploma from any accredited high school in the United States.

If you meet all of the aforementioned eligibility requirements, and have any necessary documentation, locate the nearest Indiana GED testing facility. You must visit a testing facility in-person as the Indiana Department of Education has not authorized online or virtual testing or registration. There are over 70 testing facility within Indiana, and you may locate a testing facility nearest you by visiting the Indiana Department of Education website (located in the Sources section below) or by calling: 317-232-0522.

Before you arrive at the testing facility for registration, make sure you bring some form of government-issued photo identification; preferably a Indiana driver’s license or identification card. Bring all of your other necessary documentation and visit the testing facility. After filling out an application and scheduling a test date, you must pay the examination fee. The exact fee will depend on the testing site as fees are created on a local basis; however, the Indiana Department of Education states no examination fee will be more than $70.00, effective June, 2010.

Passing the Indiana GED Test:

The Indiana GED examination consists of five sections, each section covering a different subject area. These subjects include: Writing, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. In order to pass, you must have a minimal score of 410 on each section and a minimum total score of 2250. Also, you must have an average sectional score of 450 points.


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