Income Limitations Are Un-American

No one can live today anywhere in the United States on social security income alone. Rent, utilties, food, medical costs, etc all add up to more than what monthly benefits can cover. Yet people are penalized for seeking any outside income. A country founded on capitalism penalizes people for being industrious. Our aging boomers are our largest populous and we are doing them a terrible disservice.

While Welfare type systems are paid via tax dollars; and it makes sense to ensure people aren’t using those dollars if they don’t really need them; it seems the government and most people forget that social security benefits are paid for by the people who receive them. Look at your pay stubs, SSI is a separate deduction. You cannot qualify for benefits you have not paid into. Therefore, people who are collecting social security disability or retirement benefits have paid into the system and are collecting money they paid into the system.

The money they collect is money they paid into the system and therefore it is “their” money. If they choose to supplement that money by any other means; whether that be some sort of home based business or part time work they are able to perform; or other means; it should in no way have any impact on their social security benefits. It should be no business of the social security system at all.

Since the cost of rent, utilities, food, medical expenses, medicines, and other expenses are not regulated and compensated for people on social security in any way; then their cost of living is in no way controlled. People receiving social security are receiving their own money but often cannot live on that income alone. Most of them have extensive medical expenses with only Medicare to help pay for the costs. Medicare has increased every year while social security cost of living has not been increased since Obama took office. This means social security has DECREASED each year while the cost of food, utilities, medicine and medical expenses, gasoline, etc. have all INCREASED.

Does it make sense to penalize people for trying to find ways to make extra money? Seriously? This country seems to like to make careers out of reporting on poverty levels but does little about actually changing them. The cost of keeping yourself fed and housed goes up while the money keeps getting less, but you get penalized for any efforts to try and do better. States are penalizing their retirees’ pensions for going back to work part time!! It’s beginning to sound dangerously close to Communism!!

The purpose of the social security system is for it to be there for disability and retirement. The cost of living prevents people from being able to live on those benefits alone. Corrupt private insurance companies do not pay supplemental income payments as they are supposed to so the only remedy is often to either seek additional employment or home based business to supplement income. However, social security penalizes people at various income thresholds and makes that very difficult to accomplish. The United States is known for being an industrious country that thrives on its capitalism and ingenuity yet we are tying the hands of our largest populous currently; the aging baby boomers with ridiculous rules. We should be encouraging the aging boomers to continue to be productive, creative, and industrious. Those aging boomers have given us some fantastic economic booms in their days and we should be giving the opportunity to do so instead of tying their hands with ridiculous rules. It will also help keep them healthy and share valuable knowledge with the younger generations. It will also stimulate our economy and create jobs and ultimately take some strain off the social security system as their businesses take off and more payments are made into the system.