Improve Your Intelligence to Improve Your Finances

In many cases, intelligence can translate into earnings. The smarter you are, the more you can earn. Also the smarter you are about money and current events, the better you will able to save and handle your personal finances.

Boosting your intelligence can help you excel at work, do your job better, get paid more and rise more quickly through the organization. In your personal finances, the more you know, the better you can save and invest your money.

While it’s always good to research and learn about business and financial subjects, it’s good to boost your intelligence overall with different types of educational endeavors. Here are some great ways to boost your intelligence to earn more money at work and better handle your personal finances:

Expand Your Computer Knowledge
If your job or hobby involves computers, check into whether you are using the latest software and hardware available. If you like photography, learn more about photo editing software.

Participate constructively in as many Internet media sites as you can, so you can compare new ideas, notes and suggestions with other users. You’ll get your information, social contacts, entertainment, news and opinions instantly, allowing you to absorb the information quickly. You can also interact and become a more intelligent participant in areas that interest you. Set yourself up on twitter and facebook, they can be used to connect and network with people who share your interests and also introduce you to local events and groups you can attend in person.

Learn New Languages
The world grows ever smaller because of the Internet, and personal computers are in almost every home. Each new language you master allows you to communicate with more people everywhere. Many free online courses exist, offering basic instruction including audio and video.

My son lives in downtown Los Angeles and loves Korean food, he found a website that teaches basic Korean language and has audio files so you can hear the words and sentences spoken correctly.

Learn New Skills
The Internet is loaded with sites that offer how-to information, from building a house to building a career as a stand-up comedian. Whether it’s related to your hobby, your real occupation or related to your fantasy occupation, just try it.

Research and Write a Family History
The Internet offers all kinds of information, genuine documents and other vintage items that may allow you to create a family tree. Share your discoveries with other family members, and establish an ongoing graphic history they may want to continue into future generations.

Join a Book, Politics or other Discussion Club
You may get more out of relating to people at face-to-face sessions in small groups. Of course, with interactive computers, you can also do similar video chat sessions. Skype and other video chat software can connect you to people who share your views, your hobbies or your interests. You’ll boost your knowledge by listening to the ideas and opinions of others. You’ll also learn how to think and respond quickly and intelligently in live discussion settings which can help you rise within a corporate structure.

Enroll in Local College Courses
An entire spectrum of educational opportunities are available on line, as well as in local college classrooms. If you haven’t earned that degree or professional designation you’ve always wanted, look into enrolling as soon as you can. Get started on your way to higher knowledge, and take advantage of more opportunities to enhance your career and life. Many employers will reimburse employees for taking college classes or getting a degree and having a degree may open up more advancement possibilities. Management employees may be able to get higher degrees like a MBA or even a PhD, with the company offsetting some or all of the costs.

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