If Only the Thinker Could Speak!

I have always wondered , “How difficult it would have been for God , to create this complex living thing , known as the human being…giving us the power of speech , of expression..” . We speak up ,we express , and that’s how everything gets shaped!

Its hard to imagine a world without languages-the very same ones , which , as some people call it, the incentive of all conflicts and chaos. Because in some way , there is irony associated with everything !. And I strongly have a fondness for that person who coined this term-irony.

Well , coming back to the topic, every time things go wrong , we have someone around us to blame-for our miseries, our failures and generally we fail to introspect that it was “ME” , or perhaps , my thoughts , or to be more precise , a way I expressed them , that led to all this. Its very understandable that at that point of time , things are too hazy to be seen through , but let’s face this: We are driven by our own thoughts, and its always our thoughts which result us speaking for ourselves, letting the world know “What’s on our mind!” , and maybe making a mistake , or paving a way for success- everything depends , on how we speak up-how we express our thoughts.

Now for all the GIGO as well as genuine stuffs circulating around in the net, with ideas being generated every second, we actually get confused: How to choose which one is accurate? Agreed! But my friend , there was a time when people relied on works by great minds-penned down, hard-bound ,and could be found in the library(they still do)!

We must accept the fact that World Wide Web happened in the ’90s…but does that mean people before that were less creative? Or , were they unable to speak up about their thoughts, or choose , what was right for them? I think we all need a guiding light for our soul , if not the spiritual way , but to start with, a way which our predecessors have followed-there are always by-lanes to take or maybe construct a new road , after you have walked on the “conventional” road for a long time-but for a start, you can take the “conventional” road , i mean , we all are doing it , we just have to understand , when to leave the road , and construct our own paths using our thoughts and finding a proper way to express them. You cannot whimsically land onto a great idea!

You might say , “that thinking is way too obsolete buddy.” . Agreed! Everything, in fact , every view-point is subjective! But then again, an opinion, a thought struck in my mind is all I expressed!

Now with these things going on, and as we actually decide – How to shape our lives ? Why think so much before acting? Which path to choose? Why not become an avant-garde ? Whoa why so many questions to answer?- I stop by a picture of “The Thinker” and , taking a deep breath ,start thinking ,“They considered him such an important personality that they devoted an entire statue to him…if only , The Thinker could speak!”