Idaho GED Test Guidelines and Requirements

A GED program allows those who were unable to finish high school due to unforeseen circumstances to receive this important diploma. As of 2011,in Idaho there are over 3,500 adults who have completed the GED examination to go on to pursue higher paying careers or to enroll in higher academic institutions. The Idaho Professional-Technical Education in conjunction with the Idaho Department of Education oversee the GED testing process.

Idaho GED Test Guidelines:

To take the Idaho GED examination you must have not graduated from a high school in the United States or currently be enrolled in an Idaho accredited high school. Those who are interested in taking the Idaho GED examination must also not have received a GED in another state or earned some other form of high school equivalency certificate.

As for your age, those who are 18 years of age or older automatically qualify to take the Idaho GED examination if they meet the aforementioned qualifications. Those who are 16 and 17 years of age may be eligible to take the Idaho GED examination if they are able to provide the GED testing facility with written permission from their legal guardian and meet one of the following exceptions:

You may take the Idaho GED examination if you are pregnant, a parent, home schooled, entering college or are one or more years behind in high school credits for your age. If the latter exemption is you, then you must be able to provide the Idaho GED testing facility with a written permission slip from your last accredited high school stating you are currently withdrawn or one or more years behind in graduating credits.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you qualify to take the Idaho GED examination, contact the GED testing facility nearest you. A complete list of all accredited Idaho GED testing facilities may be found in the Sources section below.

As of 2011, the Idaho GED examination requires a maximum fee of $75.00.

Passing the Idaho GED Test:

The Idaho GED examination consists of five sections, which consists of five main subject areas. These subject areas include writing, reading, mathematics, social studies or science. In order to pass the Idaho GED examination you must have a minimum sectional score of 410 and an average score of 450 and a minimum total score of 2250.


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