Human or Animal

“Doctor! Do you think this will work?” a young intern across the operating table asks.
“Does it matter whether or not it works? Mr. Fratello already gave us the full payment. How often does that happen in the first place?”
“Well I guess that’s true, but what if his body rejects the genes? We haven’t done any testing with chameleon dna before. We don’t even know if it is possible for him to gain the trait!” the intern exclaims.
“Who is the Head Surgeon at this institution? That’s right, it’s me! I make the final call on all surgeries and I say that we continue with this. Who cares whether he lives or not? Who can pay $500,000 dollars in cash? Obviously he used dirty money, but I don’t care whether the money came from drugs or extortion as long as he paid.” replied Dr. Zirrenberg
“I wonder who Fratello wants to hide from. Why else would he want to camouflage like a chameleon?”
“Like I said, he is probably hiding from the law.”

The men are just about to finish up the surgery when Fratello’s vitals drop to dangerous levels. They do everything they can to try to revive him, but it is hopeless. Fratello dies within minutes; his body rejected the genetic material that the surgeons implanted into his body. Dr. Zirrenberg isn’t worried though, this has happened before and that is why clients are literally required to sign their lives away before surgery. The surgeon has no idea what he has done though. Fratello was an influential man on the streets. Zirrenberg is just a man without a conscience and thinks that this death will have no affect on his life.

Zirrenberg does have to follow certain laws, even in this industry. He is required to contact the police when a person dies from an unsuccessful surgery. So he quickly contacts authorities and describes what happened and that Fratello died. His intern is still in disbelief over the death, it was the first death that this particular intern has witnessed. Dr. Zirrenberg tells the intern that he might as well get used to it because it is part of the business. The intern doesn’t respond and just sits in the corner with his hands on his head. Dr. Z decides that the intern has had a long enough day, so he tells him he can go home early.

“Hey Jimmy, are you there?” a man says over the telephone.
“Yeah I’m here, what’s goin on?” Jimmy responds.
“You know how boss wanted to get that surgery? He was starting to get nervous, always looking over his shoulder.”
“Yeah I knew he was gettin that surgery. What about it?” Jimmy asks.
“Well I guess that surgeon didn’t know what he was doin. He killed Frat, Jimmy, boss is dead.”
“What?! You gotta be kiddin me?” Jimmy exclaims.
“No, he just called the precinct a couple minutes ago. He said that they hadn’t done any studies on the camouflage gene. Frat’s body rejected the genetic material or somethin.”
“Wai… wait, wait, what is the doctor’s name?” Jimmy stutters.
“Zirrenberg, thats all he told me. Doctor Zirrenberg.”
“Yo man, we gots to find this guy. Frat was like my father. I will get our ‘specialists’ together and we will start talking around.” Jimmy says
“Sounds good J, I will be over as soon as my patrol shift ends.”

Zirrenberg closed up the shop and decided he wanted to spend some of the cash he had recieved. He stopped at a gentlemen’s club on his way to his apartment. After a couple hours of wasting money and getting drunk, Zirrenberg decides to leave the club. He gets into his car obviously to drunk to drive, but he doesn’t really care. He starts driving, swerving all over the road. Then out of the corner of his eye he sees lights flashing in his rear view. He pulls over, cursing under his breath.

“Hello officers, is there anyone I mean anything that I can help you with?” slurs Zirrenberg.
“Um sir, it is pretty obvious you have been drinking tonight, so would you mind giving me your license and registration. Also you might want to turn of your car.”
“Yes sir!” Zirrenberg replies sarcastically.
“Ok I will be right back” says the officer.

The officer looks over the information and can’t believe what he sees. Mikael Zirrenberg, the man that killed his boss, is sitting in the car in front of him and he is so drunk that he doesn’t even know where he is. The officer knows that he can’t just finish the job right here and now. His patrol car is fitted with a patrol cam that can’t be configured by officers. The officer calls up Jimmy and tells him the situation.

Click! click! click!
“Officer? Is that you?” Zirrenberg asks
“Did you report a death today, sir?” a man in the dark asks.
“Yes, Mr. Fratello had an unsuccessful surgery today. I already reported the death to the authorities” says Zirrenberg.

The man in the dark smiles, revealing long skinny fangs. The doctor knows that this man has had genetic modification. The man spits in the doctors face. The doctor feels his entire face burning, and he can’t see anything. Zirrenberg gets one glimpse before he goes totally blind, the man is coming at him with his fangs. Zirrenberg’s face is burning so much that he almost doesn’t feel the slender fangs puncturing his throat. Zirrenberg slowly slips into an eternal sleep. He isn’t really worried anymore. He feels at peace and that all the pressures of this horrible world are gone.