How to Sell Your Kids Toys Online

So your toddler has not used his walker In over 9 months as his little fingers reaching up and over the counters are attesting to yet you still have it hanging around, better yet the sit and spin that your 6 year old loved two years ago has been sitting in the closet cold and alone and taking up space that could be used for all the other toys that are currently littering the floor.

Time to get them out and on with their lives so they can make friends and messes with someone else’s young right?

This seems to be a daunting task for some people though. Whether it be feeling like you don’t know what to do or you don’t have the time or you think your stuff won’t sell, here are a few ways to push the old out the door easily and quickly making room and money for the inevitable new

1.) Gather the things you know you want to get rid of and put them in a pile. Preferably do this at a time where your child will not see you doing this. Amazingly children have a way of becoming suddenly attached to something they have not touched since last year.

2.) What will sell or what just needs to go to goodwill or the trash (you would be surprised at the things that do)? If it is a doll that has been chewed on by your puppy and dragged through the dirt the garbage may be calling it as there is no amount of “fixing” that will restore it to its once stunning beauty. However if it’s a little tykes slide that has been outside and just needs a bit of a wipe down then you have something.

3.) Grab a magic eraser for toys that can be wiped. These are God’s gift to mothers. You can pick them up at any grocery store. Take them home, get them wet, wring them out and start wiping scuff marks off walls, furniture and TOYS. Things you thought would never come out are transformed into like new shape.

4.) Take a picture. I know I know but do it. If you want to hang on to your item for three weeks don’t do it, if you want to get it out within three days this is a must. This does not need to be done on an expensive camera, yes your cellphone camera is fine just make sure the item looks nice , that you don’t have a pile of garbage in the background and Sam your pet cat is not tasting it, presentation folks, just remember presentation.

5.) Get on raigslist, EBay or any other online site you use. Write a short description and when I say short I mean a sentence or two should do. Ninety percent of parents who are looking for things on these sites are pretty aware of what things are worth as well as what they are good for. You really don’t need to tell them that it was little Andy’s favorite toy and you couldn’t go anywhere without it and it made you all so happy but it wants to find new friends even though you are crying on the inside.

6.) Post your picture with your description. Put your phone number or email if you want people to contact you that way for Craigslist or leave it blank , do a once over on it to make sure it all looks goods and hit the submit button.

Easy as that and as you get more comfortable with posting you will get quicker and quicker at it. Remember that you may not make a huge fortune here and that you should price things fairly, the point is to be able to make a few extra dollars to buy new toys, new clothes or whatever else you need. Try it see if you like it ,if you don’t see if you have a friend who will do it for you with you paying them a consignment or they can try to help you find your selling groove so that you enjoy it.