How to Save Even More at Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets are often bustling with customers during the summer months who are intent on buying fresh produce, and saving on their weekly shopping bill. How can you save even more at farmers’ markets?

Arrive Later in the Day

The early bird catches the worm, or so the saying goes. However, when you are planning on bargain shopping at a farmers’ market, your best bet is to arrive later in the day when stallholders will be dropping their prices for a quick sale before they pack up for the day. If you arrive the moment they set up in the morning, you will not have much to bargain with, as stallholders will be hoping to maximise their profits by keeping prices higher and competitive with others round about.

Aim to arrive up to an hour before the end of the farmers’ market for some of the best prices, bargain buckets and keep an eye out for the odd freebie. It is also normally quieter toward the end of the day when customers have gone home, which will give you even more of an opportunity to look around and find exactly what you want.

Visit Farmers’ Markets on Weekdays

Do you normally visit farmers’ markets on a Saturday morning? If so, you could be missing out on some great deals to be had during weekday shopping trips. Does your local farmers’ market open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays each week? If that is the case, aim to visit the farmers’ market on a Friday.

Some of the larger farmers’ markets have incentives for weekday shoppers such as free parking that you will not find on weekends. So if you are available on a weekday, make it a point to stop off at the farmers’ market, rather than waiting to go during the weekend.

Haggling Can Work!

Some customers are hesitant to haggle with stallholders, out of embarrassment or fear of being turned away. But do not be so quick to pay the asking price, especially if you notice that a competitor at the farmers’ market is selling tomatoes or oranges cheaper. Normally, a stallholder would prefer to match a competitor’s price than lose a sale, so be sure to point out that a leading competitor is selling their produce cheaper and see if you can haggle.

Farmers’ markets offer a great opportunity to mingle with your neighbours, bargain hunt for fresh produce and help support local producers, all in one go. But you can save even more if you shop wisely. Arrive at the farmers’ market later in the day when prices are generally cheaper, stop by on a weekday for even more savings and try haggling. It might just work!