How to Remove Rust from Metal or Chrome

Anti rust treatment is used on car parts, bicycles, motorcycles or anywhere there is aged metal and chrome. Aged metal is more prone to rusting, along with metal that is left outside in the elements; such as rain, sleet and snow. With a few simple steps, rust can be safely removed from metal, and the metal brilliantly restored.

Use a rust removal formula to remove rust. Rust remover can be purchased from the hardware store. Follow instructions on the bottle, and remove rust by dabbing it onto the metal with an old rag. Make sure to protect your hands from harsh chemicals, so wear thick dish-washing type of gloves before applying.

Use a fine grade, large steel wire brillo pad to remove rust. Steel wool is an excellent way to scrub away old rust. Try pouring a small amount of distilled white vinegar, which has an acidic base, onto the rust, and let it oxidize for ten to fifteen minutes. Use the brillo pad to scrub away any remaining rust, after the vinegar oxidizes. Make sure to wash off the remaining vinegar.

Take a bucket and add dish-washing detergent and water to the bucket, and a scrubbing brush; something with strong bristles. Dip the scrubbing brush into the bucket, let it soak up the suds, and then scrub the rust away. Rinse with clean water, and dry metal with a towel.

Use a citric acid based, non-toxic rust remover for tailpipes of motorcycles, where the rust can get inside. Citric acid won’t harm the environment or hands, which chemicals do, and is quite effective at removing inner and outer oxidized rust.

Try using a rolled up piece of tinfoil to remove rust from chrome. Roll the tin foil tightly, and rub it over the rust areas, so that it lifts the rust away from metal surface. The rust should come off, if not embedded into the metal, and stick to the surface of the tinfoil.

For stubborn rust, you may have to use a sander, and refinish the surface of the metal with paint, depending on the cosmetic appearance of the metal. Some people don’t care if their car or motorcycle tail pipe appears worn, as long as the rest of the motorcycle or automobile is in pristine condition. This is especially true in regard to antique bikes.

You can use a metal finishing product to brighten scuffed areas of metal that had deep rust removed. This may also help to shine the metal, and lessen the dulling effect of the brillo, or sanding. Use wax on the metal after rust removal; something made especially for the particular metal you have restored. Go to a motorcycle or motor supply store, to inquire about the proper wax to use. Follow instructions on the bottle, and apply wax with a soft cloth, or lambs mitt. Remove excess wax by buffing with a clean cloth or mitt.