How to Read Extreme Couponing Lingo and Couponing Acronyms

Newbies to the world of couponing can easily be discouraged by the extensive lingo and acronyms that couponers use to get valuable information across as quickly as possible. This handy guide will help you navigate the couponing shorthand that will help you save as much money as possible in the checkout line.

AC After coupon. The price after the coupon is deducted.

Blinkie The red coupon dispensers found in stores near the promoted product. Named after the blinking light used to attract customers.

BOGO or B1G1 Buy one, get one. Sometimes means “Buy one, Get one free” but can also mean buy one, get one half price.

BTFE Box tops for education

CATALINA Coupons printed at check out and handed to the customer to be used at the store where you received them.

CLFE Campbell’s Labels for Education

CPN Coupon

DND Do not double

EXP Expires

GDA, HDA Good Deal Alert, Hot Deal Alert

GM General Mills newspaper coupon insert, usually followed by the date of the insert

HT Hang tags with coupons hanging on a product

IP, IPQ Internet Printable Coupon

K Kelloggs newspaper coupon insert, usually followed by the date of the insert

MFR Manufacturer’s Coupon

MIR Mail in rebate

NED No expiration date

OOP Out of Pocket
Out of Stock

OYNO On your next order

P&G Procter and Gamble Newspaper insert

Peelie Coupon sticker that is attached to a product and must be removed and handed to the cashier when purchasing the product

PSA Prices starting at

Q Coupon

RP Red Plum Newspaper Insert, usually followed by the date of the insert

SS Smart Saver Newspaper insert, usually followed by the date of the insert

Stacking Using more than one coupon on a single item or using a coupon on a marked down item.

Tear Pad, TP tear pads are pads of coupons or rebate forms located near the promoted product.

UPC Universal Product Code.

WT Wine tag coupon card placed over the neck of a wine bottle

WYB When you buy

Using Extreme Couponing Lingo

The best way to become fluent in couponing lingo is to start using it. A couple of examples of couponing lingo to help you get started:

Vitamin Water B1G1F IPQ EXP 1/31 This means a Buy one, get one free internet printable coupon for a Vitamin Water that expires on January 31st.

Tuna – $1/2 Q (10/22 SS) EXP 12/31 This means a $1 off of two cans of tuna coupon found in the October 22nd Smart Saver Issue that expires on December 31st.