How to Organize a Messy Closet

Keeping your closet nice and neat, and more importantly, organized can be difficult, especially those with busy lives. Pulling out your clothes and shoes in a rush tends to leave things in a disorganized mess that eventually makes it even harder to find something when you want.

However, spring time is here ‘” and so is the perfect spring cleaning opportunity. Get that messy closet back in line quickly and easy!

Sort Through Everything
Start by removing everything from your closet. It will be easier to organize if you put everything back in its proper place instead of trying to shift things around into a recognizable order.

Make Piles of What to Keep and What to Get Rid Of
After you remove everything ‘” or as you remove everything ‘” sort your belongings into two piles: the keep pile and the get rid of pile. By cleaning out the things you no longer want, need, or use, you will make the amount of possessions in your closet only the things that you even want in the first place.

Sort the Get Rid Of Pile
Go through the get rid of pile and decide what to toss, what to donate to charity such as the Salvation Army, what to give to your little sister or whomever, and what to sell if possible or desirable.

Organize Your Clothing
Put everything nice and neat on the hangers or fold it into an appropriate pile. I suggest doing it either by color or type of clothing or by both if you are so inclined.

Decide on Its Proper Place
Put the sorted belongings back into the closet in their proper places. You might have to try a few rearrangements before everything looks proper to you.

Sort and Label Boxes
If you have any boxes or containers of belongings, go through them and sort them into things that make sense to store together. Place them back into their containers and then label them so that you can find exactly what you want with minimal searching. I find that a piece of masking tape and a permanent marker does the job just fine! You can place the masking tape on the front of the box so that you can se it when you open your closet.

Get a Closet Organizer, Folding Hanger, Shoe Rack, Etc
By getting a closet organizer or a shoe rack, you can store all your shoes away in an easy-to-access manner. I also find that shoes can be nicely organized along the bottom of the closet as well.

Hangers that hold multiple articles of clothing are perfect for jeans or slacks and they take up less space than hanging each pair on a separate hanger.

Don’t Put Anything Back in the Closet that Shouldn’t Be There
Simply remove things that don’t go in the closet and put them in their proper places. On the other hand, you can also put other things into the closet that should go there in the first place.

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