How to Move in Just One Year

Moving is a great way to get a new lease on life. It can be a rejuvenating experience and for those who have never left home it can be completely liberating. It is common for people who have a desire to move to take many years to move or to never move at all because they fear that something will go wrong. They fear that they will not be able to financially support themselves or that they will place themselves too far away from family and friends cutting off their emotional support. If you are one of these people then you need to breathe and realize that you can do it.

Life is too short to dream. It is very easy to sit back and dream your life away. Why not take the plunge and try? For every person that tries there is a 50/50 chance that you fail or succeed there is no in between. If you fail you can always move back to where you originally resided. You do not need a life’s savings to move out of state or to move to a different city you just need a plan. Below is a guideline on how to move out of your state to another state or city within a year.

– It is January. The first thing that you want to do is to find a job in your current town if you do not already have one. If you work full time you can get the actual moving process started much sooner however working part time will be sufficient enough as well. Fast food places are always hiring and if you have a bit of flexibility in your schedule these places can be ideal for you. Finding a job can be difficult these days but it is not impossible. You don’t want to make the mistake of spending too many months looking for a job as opposed to actually working. To cut down on the time spent searching for a job try signing up with a temp agency, or try scouring craigslist for jobs. Employers post jobs on the craigslist site and you can find “under the table” jobs there as well.

– In the months of February- March, as you are either looking for a job or working you want to set some guidelines. You should sit down with a blank piece of paper and write down where you would like to move. Research the area of interest and make sure you know the crime rates, its convenience in location, education, and cost of living amongst other things that are important to you. It is very important to conduct a thorough observation of the area in which you choose to move to.

– Hopefully by March you have a job. It is time to decide how much money it will cost you to move into the apartment of your choice; are you looking for a 1,2, or 3 plus bedroom? Take in consideration the first and last month and security deposit (food, travel, and utilities) that is usually due when you rent an apartment. Not all landlords ask for fist, last, and security deposit. Every landlord is different. Write down how much money those expenses will come to. Whatever the total comes to find out how much you have to put aside each week (until December) so that you can pay those expenses. For example; I wanted to move into a 2 bedroom. It would cost me a total of $2,000 to secure just the first month, last, and security. I decided to save up $3,000 beginning in February and I put aside $300 every month for 10 months.

– Now that you are working and putting money aside you should start thinking about how you can lessen the expenses of living when you move. For instance, look for apartments with certain utilities included such as hot water, heat or lights. Consider renting out a room instead of an apartment. Cut out things that are not of necessity for you at the moment. You don’t need cable right now or at your new place. You don’t need to go clothes shopping or eat out every week right now. When you go food shopping buy the cheaper brands of food.

– Keep on saving up money to move and make sure to cut down on your current expenses so that you can save more. If you are currently paying rent see if you can shack up with a relative or friend and pay them a small fee or pay them by keeping house and running errands.

– If you need to work a job as a professional when you move, then you should start looking for jobs in the area that you wish to live in by July. You can search for jobs online for open positions in that area. If you intend to apply to positions at retail outlets or in food service you can wait until August or September to find a job because jobs like these are not too difficult to find. In any event you want to be safe so start your job search early so that you have a job before you move to the new place.

– During the months of August and September you should have a good amount of money saved up. You want to take this time to actively go and search for apartments. You might want to consider renting rooms if apartments are too pricey for you. Take some time off on the weekend and view as many apartments as you can until you find the one that is for you. You should also take this time and go out on job interviews. You want to secure a job before your arrival to the new city. Make an appointment with the temp agency there. They might be able to help you quickly find a position so that you are up and working when you arrive.

– Come the month of October and November if things have went smoothly you should have a new job secured and a place of interest to rent. Once you have paid the deposit for the new place you will want to give your current job two weeks notice that you will be leaving the job. You should also start the packing process and look into moving companies and figure out the best way to move your items. Consider asking friends or family for help so that you don’t have to pay a large amount of money on moving. This is a good time to inform contacts and businesses about your new address and to get the lights/cable or heat turned on in your new place.

– By the end of December you should be moved into your new place. Money will most likely be tight for you so you should look into community for local pantries or churches that might give out free food. You might also qualify for food stamps. If for some reason you have not found a job but have managed to move then you really need to hustle and find some work so that you can pay rent. Consider working in restaurants, childcare, and taking cleaning jobs as these positions are more abundant.