How to Make a Wall Hanging from Silk Ties

I am a quilter and I come from a back ground where you either wore it out or used it up. Quilts were very necessary when I grew up. We did not have heat at night, so you slept under many blankets and quilts and cold winter nights these were piled high. My mother and grandmothers used every piece of material they could get their hands on to create these one of a kind quilts.

These days quilting is more a hobby than a necessity. We all love those beautiful hand crafted pieces of art. You make them to fit your need, crib, twin, regular, and queen or king size. They may still serve the purpose they were originally designed for or you can hang your art work on a wall.

My husband owned many silk ties and after he passed on, I looked at those ties and decided they were precious to me and I wanted to keep them to aid my rememberances of the special occasions when they were given to him. Some were very old, some newer ones, gorgeous ones and some not so pretty. Some were of expensive imported silk.

I thought about using the ties to make a quilt. I knew it would take many ties to make a full sized quilt so I decided on a wall hanging.

I plan to make a hanging measuring twenty eight inches by forty two inches. The pattern I chose was the Dresden Plate. By using this size for the piece, I will need twelve ties per block. There would be six blocks, two across and three down. Seventy two ties were needed. I do not have that many ties but, I am sure friends will help me out. You can find men’s ties for sale at yard sales and flea markets.

There are many patterns to choose from, just find the right one for you, and make sure it is not too complicated to work with. The Dresden Plate quilt pattern is an easy one. (Think of it as a pizza). Open out the tie; Remove the label and lining, Press and trim all the pieces to the same size, then sew the triangle shaped pieces together and place a small circle of your material in the center of the plate and appliqué it in place. To set up your wall hanging, use a material that works with the silk ties and is of a compatible color and pattern. Appliqué the Dresden plates onto the background fabric and sew the blocks together.

Silk material may be, difficult to work with, also men’s silk ties are cut on the bias and the material can stretch out of shape. I will use a light iron on interfacing to hold the piece to the correct shape. You may choose a paper backing. If you use the paper be sure to leave the paper in place until after the piece is sewn together.

Another word of caution. If you baste the pieces together, try not to use many pins as silk will show the pin and also the needle holes used in the process of basting.Good Luck with your silk tie project.