How to Make a Pencil Holder for Your Baby Shower Games

Many baby shower games involve writing, which makes it necessary to always have pencils handy. Of course, the baby shower host can drop the pencils on a table in complete disorder and make the writing instruments pile look like an afterthought. Or she can make some very cheap, great looking pencil holders that will add to the decor, enhance the baby shower atmosphere and make great conversational pieces.

And all that for a few dimes or, depending on what you have laying around your house, nothing at all.

Here are two ideas I used for a recent butterfly-themed baby shower. They both worked well with the baby shower decor, received many compliments and were fun looking at.

Things you need for one pencil holder:

– empty soup can, regular size (no top)
– 1-2 paper cups, regular size (9 oz.)
– a few inches of ribbon
– craft paper
– glue
– scissors
– marker
– one paper coffee filter (optional)
– paper knife (optional)

How to Make a Butterfly Pencil Holder

1 – Cut a long strip of craft paper, as wide as the height of the tin can.

2 – Cover the outside walls of the tin can with the paper strip, and hold it in place with glue.

3 – Cut a few butterflies out of craft paper. You can find patterns online by just googling “butterfly pattern.”

4 – Cut two vertical slits in the middle of each butterfly. The length of the cut should allow the ribbon to slip through it.

5 – Slip the ribbon through the holes, so that most of the ribbon remains on the backside of the butterfly. Repeat with all the paper butterflies. To stop the ribbon edges from fraying, you can slightly melt them by quickly passing a lighter over them. Do this before threading the butterflies on the ribbon.

6 – Arrange the butterflies symmetrically on the ribbon, then tie the ribbon around the tin can. If necessary, hold in place with glue.

7 – Optional: Cut the top off a paper cup. Your may omit this step, depending on how deep you want your pencil holder to be.

8 – Optional: Fold a paper coffee filter in four, and cut off the bottom (1 to 1 ‘½ inches from the tip), so that, when you reopen it, your coffee filter has a large hole in the middle.

9 – Optional: Slip the coffee filter into the tin can, so that the ruffled edges peek out the can. This will give the pencil stand the ruffled look.

10 – Slip the paper cup or the paper cup top into the tin can. The smooth lip of the paper cup will cover the sharp lip of the tin can, preventing potential accidents. If you decide to use only the paper cup top, your pencil holder will be deeper.

11 – Optional: You can use twp paper cups tops, and place the coffee filter between them so the sharp edges of the tin can do not rip through the paper coffee filter.

How to Make A Baby Pencil Holder

Another (easier) alternative for a baby shower pencil holder involves a minimal amount of drawing. Here are the steps:

1 – Cut a strip of craft paper that would only partially cover the outside of the tin can. The contrast between the solid-colored craft paper and the shiny tin walls will give the pencil stand an elegant look.

2 – Before covering the tin can with craft paper, draw a little baby face on the paper strip, using a marker. The example in the picture is made for a twins baby shower, so it shows two little girls holding hands. Use your imagination (or a simple pattern from the internet ), and keep your lines clean. If you want, add some simple shapes made out of paper (e.g., a paper triangle instead of a girl’s dress).

If you think you do not have any drawing abilities, remember that you are creating a piece for a baby shower decor, so your potentially infantile drawing skills are right on the spot!

3 – Glue your artwork on the side of the tin can.

4 – Embellish the pencil holder by tying some ribbon around the can.

5 – Repeat the steps 7 through 11 above. Since this is a much simpler look for your pencil holder, add a little bit of a ruffle, by following all the optional steps.

Your pencil holders are ready. Fill them with pencils and present them to your guests in style! They will speak not only about your crafting skills, but also about how much you care. Remember, love is in the details. The fact that you took the time to polish your decorations down to the most insignificant details will send messages of love to the happy mother-to-be.