How to Lose Weight Quickly for Summer

When it comes to losing weight quickly for summer or a special event, it’s all about having the right weight loss tools and positive mental attitude.

If you have been at the same weight for several months, your body may fight as you try to lose weight. Researchers say it’s important to lose as much weight as possible in the first “phase” of a diet for best long term results.

Losing weight fast takes an extra boost of confidence and motivation because it’s often more difficult to stick to the kind of diet and exercise regime required for losing weight quickly for summer.

To lose weight quickly for summer or a special event, you have to mentally prepare yourself.

Have motivational tools at hand whether it’s others, weight loss hypnosis tapes, rewards or diet journals because it will get tough and you may want to throw in the towel. You don’t need any crazy Hollywood bikini diet tricks to shed weight. You just have to keep your head in the game.

Here are five tricks for being bikini ready in less than 30 days:

Be clear in your head

To lose weight quickly for summer (or any special event), you need to be clear in your head about how you are going to do it and why you need to lose the weight. Make sure you are fully committed to your strategy as well as your reasoning. Think of any excuses that might tempt you to quit, and write down why you are on a diet.

Listen to subliminal weight loss CDs

Hypnosis weight loss tapes will create the “will power” you need to drop weight quickly and keep it off. Just make sure to review the messages on the CDs before purchasing. You can also make your own weight loss hypnosis tapes. Use NLP minds tricks such as looking at extremely heavy photos of yourself or images you want to “move away from.” You can also attend a hypnosis seminar for weight loss.

Have your weight loss journal ready

One of the secrets to losing weight quickly is to have your eating plan mapped out. Use a diet journal to track what you eat and your exercise. Pencil in your food plan as wells as the times, keeping in mind it’s best to eat at regular intervals with rest in between so you can burn fat. Recording your weight loss on a chart will give you a mental boost.

Map out your rewards

In addition to mapping out what you plan to eat on your summer diet, map out specific rewards for each pound you are going to lose. You can’t completely control how long it will take to reach your goal weight, but you can control what you eat, how much you exercise and your response to the results. Reward yourself for sticking to the plan and being healthy. Think about what would really motivate you and write down the rewards in your journal.

Talk to your roommate or family members

After you have decided on the ideal summer diet, talk about your weight loss plan with your housemates. Explain what you will be doing to lose the weight. For example, you don’t want your husband to plan a date night out to a restaurant if you are drinking only Almased shakes for the first three days. Tell your family members what you want them to do/say if they see you “cheating.”

It’s extremely important to mentally prepare yourself to lose weight, especially when you are on a strict bikini diet. Track your weight loss with graphs. Put a big poster on the wall that announces your progress each day. Celebrate each pound lost with a major reward that doesn’t relate to food. To keep the weight off, you will need to maintain that weight for six solid months so your body accepts your new weight. So, as you grow closer to your goal, begin to map out your weight loss maintenance plan!

You can lose weight quickly for summer. Purchase your dream bikini or bathing suit and try it on every day to stay focused on your diet. Weight loss success or failure depends on your mental attitude and resolve more than any other factor!

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