How to Learn French Online (For Free!)

If you’re anything like me, you do not enjoy paying for things that are free. Unfortunately for a lot of people, many services that can be considerably less costly are never investigated correctly, forcing individuals to shell out cash when they could have found their needs legitimately and for far less.

French is the language of love, but that doesn’t mean learning to speak it should be as time consuming as a meaningful relationship. If you really want to speak the front-runner romance language, you should save your money for expensive dates. You do not have to spend your money on expensive French programs or classes! The Internet, in all its glory, has made at the very least free introductory French completely accessible if you know where to look. Furthermore (I say introductory French for those of you who have a marked difficulty learning new languages), learning French is and has been an incredibly popular idea and so the Internet is absolutely littered with articles, videos and lessons, all which are free.

So where do you begin? Especially if you’ve never learned another language before or if you cannot speak a romance language, hearing spoken French is essential to developing the correct pronunciation. Luckily, there are copious amounts of free French videos on YouTube that have been specially designed for those wishing to learn. If you type “learn French” into the YouTube search bar, you will literally see more than seven pages of “learn French for free” videos.

If you are serious about starting to learn French, first select a video detailing the alphabet or numbers. There are animations of animals slowly going through the French alphabet and counting in French, with videos broken up into upper case, lower case and different sets of numbers. If you do not want to dive into the nitty gritty just yet or are more interested in learning to speak in French more quickly, there are more practical videos detailing conversations in French.

Vocabulary, by far, will be the easiest part of your quest to learn to speak French. There are web pages with lists of hundreds of French words and their English definitions for free, English-to-French generators and free YouTube videos specializing in specific categories (such as fruit or vegetables) that present an easily identifiable object, the word in French and a voice pronouncing the word.

Remember those free learn French videos I just mentioned? Well, some of them apply to grammar, too. Though attempting to learn French grammar may be easier if written words are seen, and so this article suggests the copious amounts of articles specializing in learning French grammar. A quick search will reveal thousands of free French grammar pages, some which are part of specialized websites created to teach others to speak French and even some which are from Associated Content! Do you enjoy television? After you learn to understand and speak a little French, search for your favorite show and watch it in French with English dubbing to reinforce what you’ve learned.Wherever the source, take the time to learn the French grammar rules and you should be on your way to speaking French in no time.

One of the best ways to learn another language is to repeat simple words and phrases that will frequently be incorporated into sentences (such as greetings and family member titles). A fun way to learn French and still rely on YouTube is to learn children’s songs! The lyrics will either be posted beneath the video or be accessible after a quick Google search, offering a highly beneficial and enjoyable way to learn French for free online. Start learning a song in French and sing it when you drive to the grocery store, while you’re waiting for a friend or in the shower! If you’re too shy to sing in public, just silently play the song in your head.