How to Get Rid of Pet Hair Off of Furniture and Carpeting

I have had pets in my home for quite some time now. Inevitably they leave their shedding hair on my furniture and carpeting throughout my home. I have found a few ways to remove their hair from these two areas short of shaving them.

Sweeping the carpet.

Rather than running the vacuum over the carpet to get rid of pet hair, I use a regular household broom to pick up the pet hair off the carpet. I sweep it like I would the non-carpeted rooms in my home.

By doing this, I can also get rid of the human hair too. By doing this before running the vacuum, the loose hair will not get wrapped around the roller of the vacuum. The pet hair also will not clog the hoses on my vacuum.

By using a broom on the carpet before vacuuming, I will not have to spend an hour pulling or cutting the hair off the roller and unclogging the hoses.

Since one of the hoses on the vacuum runs through the bottom of the vacuum, I have to unscrew it and clean that hose this way and put the machine back together. There has been a couple of times I have had to take the roller out to clean the pet hair that became wrapped tightly around it.

Lint rolling the furniture.

I have used a lint roller several times to remove cat and dog hair off of the fabric covered couch and recliners. This normally works as a quick way to remove the loose pet hair from the furniture.

However, it will not remove the hair that has been caught in the fabric. I would not suggest using the lint roller on a fully carpeted room. Smaller throw rugs I did not want to run the vacuum over, I have used the lint roller for those after shaking them outside.

By shaking the smaller throw rugs first, it will get rid of any extra dirt and loose pet hair. Some of the remaining “ground in” pet hair that became loosened during the shaking would come out with the lint roller.

Tape on the hand method.

If I did not have a lint roller handy, I would place one end of tape, sticky side out of course, between two fingers and wrap tape around the length of my fingers. By rubbing my hand along the furniture, I have been able to remove pet hair by this method.

Rubber glove and water method.

I have tried the rubber glove and water method a couple of times, but find I often forget to use it on larger areas like the couch. By dipping the tips of the fingers of the gloves in water and rubbing them over the sofa, it will remove the pet hair. This method will work with cats who love to sleep on the sofa leaving their hair behind.


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