How to Get Free Address Labels, Free Boxes, Free Envelopes, & Free Delivery Confirmation

Selling on eBay, I mailed packages regularly with barely any issues. That is until our move here to the boondocks. Yes, that is the name of my town, Boondocks on Where? Road in a Lost state. Trust me, you couldn’t find me if you tried really hard. I will be reviewing other types of mail but suffice it to say overnight does not come overnight HERE in the middle of ….where the heck am I? Don’t ask me, I just got lost again yesterday.

There are many things that I love about Priority Mail but it is so expensive and sometimes regular mail will get there just as quickly! It is great to get free supplies including Priority Mail boxes, envelopes, address labels, and tape! I love their tape as it is strong and sturdy, nothing is going to make that tape break! Need scissors to rip it off the box! Ordering these mailing supplies is free for anyone at You can order in bulk from ten boxes in different sizes to 100! You can also pick them up free at the post office too. On eBay, buyers insist on Priority Mail for quicker shipping time so I stock up on mailing supplies to have them handy. Once you seal the Priority Mail envelope, it stays closed with the best stickiness known to man! Also forgot to mention that these free mailing supplies will be delivered to your door once you order them online, within days you will have all the Priority Mail supplies that you need!

Priority Mail arrives within two to three days in most locations. This is not a guarantee in some parts of the country. As I said, regular mail may also arrive within this time frame so you are taking a gamble, do you waste over $4 on Priority Mail for a regular letter or just stick a stamp on it? One good thing that saves you money and is not available with regular stamps is the free Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail. This will save you 65 cents. On the USPS website, rates will be cheaper! They also have $5.60 flat rate boxes (and flat rate envelopes that cost less) that are a set rate no matter how heavy or how much you stick into them! That is how I sold tons of health & beauty aids on eBay without paying a ton for shipping heavy items. The flat rate envelope is thin and it is hard to put much besides paperwork into it but the boxes are larger and can fit lots more items in them. If you are mailing out jeans, this is a great option, much cheaper than sending heavy jeans any other way!

Costs can add up for Priority Mail but factor in the free shipping supplies and free delivery confirmation as well as quickness of delivery. Great for the holidays when packages usually are arriving late! Forgot your niece’s birthday? Send it Priority Mail and get it there within three days! I have had no issues with Priority Mail being lost or late!

FYI to get the free Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail, print out a label on and even if you pay at the post office, you STILL get free Delivery Confirmation. here is where to print them. Check postage rates