How to Get Famous Using Youtube

Before the internet, to get famous you had to have an agent. Now, with the advent of Youtube, it seems fame comes before everything else. And you may not even have to work very hard to be famous. Nowadays, it can just come. In the last several years, many people have gotten famous by using the website Youtube. By uploading your footage to the website, you share your video with millions of users. You can potentially be seen by several million viewers if your video is a success. Of course, you’re competing with several million users too. So you have to differentiate your content. Here are some tips to getting famous on Youtube.

Be Unique

The best way for your video to make headlines is to make it unique. You have to make it different from everybody else. Whatever it is you’re doing, you need to do it differently than everybody else. Are you a juggler? Instead of juggling balls or bowling pins, try juggling ice balls from the frozen arctic. Okay, so that’s impossible. But the message is the same. You have to do something different to get noticed. Those little unique bits that you put in your video can be the difference between being discovered and never being seen.

Be Talented Or Talentless

Two famous musicians have made their impact on pop culture by using Youtube. They are Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black. Of course, these two musicians are also on different sides of the spectrum. Beiber was discovered on Youtube because he was super talented. He had a large following and record execs perked up at the idea of a teenager crooner. Rebecca Black on the other hand, did not have that same talent. In fact, she produced a song that was so awful, it got her over 10 million views. Although it was bad, it was bad enough to get her 15 minutes of fame. If you’re using Youtube for a career in music, or just for 15 minutes of fame, you have to be either the very best at something or the very worst. Everybody in between meshes together and gets lost.

Animals And Babies

Youtube subscribers love animals and babies. Every couple of months, there is a new hilarious viral video that stars a baby or an animal. Remember the video “Charlie bit my finger?” Or how about the kid who was coming home from the dentist. The population loves reality and they love kids and animals. With animals, the trend tends to be either dogs acting cute, or cats falling off of things or being angry. Keep and eye on everything. When your children and pets are around, you should never stop filming. They could do something that will make you famous.

Market Your Video

A lot of people put their videos on Youtube and just leave them there to be discovered. This is wrong. If you want your video to become popular, and I mean really popular, you have to market your item. While maintaining your rights to the film, give permission to popular websites to air it. Viral video sites are always looking for new and fresh content. This is how you get people to start talking about your video. Word of mouth is still a very viable way to get your video noticed. Also, try using internet forums that are similar to your video. If you have a video of your dog talking on his cell phone, be sure to tell people at animal forums. People who visit forums don;t usually known what they’re looking for until you give it to them.

The chances of your video getting famous on Youtube are not great. But there is a chance. And even if you don;t get famous off Youtube, you can still make money. Youtube now has ad revenue that high ranking users can benefit from. Or, you can use your popular videos to direct them to some of your other websites. I used Youtube and forums a few years ago to get my viral video website more viewers. And within three months, I went from 15 viewers to 1500 viewers. So Youtube can be beneficial, you just need to figure out how to use it to your advantage.