How to Fix a V-Smile that Will Not Turn On

A V-Smile is a fun and educational video game system for younger children – when it works. This game system has definite glitches and defects, and when searching online, anyone will see that this is a widespread issue. The units have been returned and exchanged by countless people, and they all want to know how to fix it since the new ones eventually end up doing the very same thing. The V-Smile game system works at first, but in time it will not turn on using the power button, it will not turn off and it will not reset. None of the buttons work most of the time, but the system can still be used.

Instead of throwing your child’s V-Smile in the trash or selling it at a garage sale and giving the problem to someone else, try this simple way to fix it. This method to turn the V-Smile on and off will not permanently correct the defects, but it will be able to be used and enjoyed by kids and their parents.

My Daughter’s V-Smile Would Not Turn On Most of the Time

I bought the bright orange and purple V-Smile for my daughter about three years ago. I thought it would be a fun way to learn, but it did not operate properly for long. Just weeks after buying the V-Smile, it would not turn on, it would not turn off and the reset button no longer worked. The buttons on the unit seemed to be dead – literally. I was not ready to throw it into the trash.

How to Turn it On and Temporarily Fix the Problem

Instead of trying to turn on the V-Smile with the power button alone, and instead of trying to reset the system by pressing the useless reset button, unplug it from the wall or take out the batteries. Unplugging the V-Smile or taking out the batteries is a way to reset it since the button does not work. Allow it to remain unplugged for one or two minutes, and plug it back in. Press the power button after plugging it back in or reinserting the batteries, and while the unit is coming on, put the cartridge (smartridge) in place. It might take a few episodes of unplugging and plugging it back or putting the batteries back in and attempting to turn on the power button, but this method will eventually fix the problem and allow the game to be used. This is how my daughter and I fix the game system when it will not turn on. It is very frustrating, but it does temporarily fix the problem, and the V-Smile games will work with a little effort.

I Will Never Buy a V Game Again

This product was a great idea, but it should have been recalled and pulled off of store shelves. According to another frustrated parent with the same problem, the company did not address the issue when it was brought to their attention. They claimed they had never heard of this happening. Read the source of this information here. As previously mentioned, perform a search and you will find that countless people are still complaining about the same issue. The V-Smile will turn on at first, but sometimes within just days of purchase, it will not turn on or work without unplugging it and plugging it in again and again. The buttons on the game console simply stop working.

I love my V-Tech wireless landline phones, but I will never again buy another V-Smile game system or another V-Tech game for my daughter. Before I realized the unit was junk, I spent approximately three hundred dollars for the game system and the games. If something cannot be played because the buttons do not work, it is a tremendous waste of money. No one should have to unplug and plug in a game system over and over to get it to turn on and work, and they should not have to try and fix it themselves.