How to Expand Your Music Collection Cheaply and Legally

In today’s society, it may seem much easier to steal or pirate the media you want. This however, is not a good idea, because it hurts the companies who bring you your favorite music and movies which could lead them to stop producing such masterpieces. There are easy and enjoyable ways to collect your favorite media and find new artists or movies along the way, which ultimately benefits everyone. It’s simple to expand your collection, but first you have to find out what you already have.

You will need to take inventory of what you already own; make a list so you can check later if you already own a copy of something, etc. Lists are very useful. Don’t just make a list of what you own; make a list of what you want, artists you may be interested in, movies you are looking for. You’ll find that this will make your hobby much easier. Look up bands or movies similar to your favorites, in case you may come across them; this will expand not only your collection, but your taste in music. This would also be the time to look online at major retailers or even local stores’ websites for deals they may be having. Speaking of online shopping, you may want to check out Napster or iTunes.

Third-party retailers such as Napster or iTunes have the largest collections of movies and music (just music in Napster’s case) probably anywhere. They require you make an account and purchase either credits, or pay a monthly fee. Napster’s strongest selling point is “Unlimited Music for only $10.00 a month.” That’s a pretty good deal in my opinion; iTunes on the other hand has music for $0.99 and movies for $1.99 which are great deals as well. The biggest downfall of these services is that they are “virtual media”, so you will not receive discs with your purchases.

You don’t even have to commit time to making lists or searching online; you could just search the bargain bins or discount shelves in stores for interesting media, usually for cheap prices. Besides that, I only have a few points of advice left: never purchase a movie when. It’s initially released, its price often drops quickly; ask clerks or critics for their opinions on a piece of media, but remember that media is subjective, so always take their opinion with a grain of salt. You can also ask clerks whether there are any freebies, such as promo discs; listen to radio stations, and you may hear a song you like. Besides that, just get out there and develop your collection.

Given time, your collection will expand surprisingly, and you will find it enjoyable to get lost in your massive assortment of media. Even on a budget, you can find deals almost anywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open for whatever it is you’re looking for.