How to Do Your Makeup for Weddings: Beyonce’s Bridal Look

1. First you want to get your eye brows arched. You can read 6 Simple Steps to Perfectly Arched Eyebrows for tips on how to do that.

2. Prime your eye lids with a liquid foundation or eye shadow primer.

3. Now apply a champagne colored eye shadow on the whole eye lid all the way up to the brows. If you have darker skin, you can use a gold or bronze eye shadow.

4. Now for those beautifully black rimmed eyes! Take liquid eye liner and draw a thick line on your top lid. Place the tip of the brush at the inner corner, then apply pressure and draw a line all the way to the outer corner.

5. Now go back over it with a second coating, this time making the line even thicker. Let it dry.

6. As that is drying, draw a line on the bottom lid with a pencil eye liner. Start from the inner corner, then draw a line all the way to the outer corner. Now follow that line with a second coating to make the line even thicker. Smooth out the line with an eye liner brush.

7. Now go back to the top lid and smooth out the edges of the liquid line with a pencil eye liner. Fill in any spaces that aren’t quite covered with liner. I personally like to smooth out my liquid liner with a bit of black eye shadow too. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have black liner to use for this look, you can use black eye shadow instead. Just make sure it’s very black and bold. If it’s not bold enough, prime your lids with a bit of clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly before applying the black eye shadow.

You can complete the eyes with false lashes, or make your natural lashes look long. You can get tips on how to do that by reading 6 Professional Tips for Long, Lush Lashes!

8. Now for the flawless skin. Apply some concealer on your dark areas and red areas. A concealer has to be one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. After you have applied concealer, apply some foundation over it by using a wedged sponge applicator. Blend the foundation onto the neck as well.

9. Now cover your skin with powder. Dust it all over the face until the skin looks flawless. Make sure you put some on your neck too. Use a fluffy brush.

10. You can give yourself a light coating of pink blush, but it’s optional. Blend the blush lightly onto the apple of your cheeks and down onto the jaw. Blend it into the skin in a circular motion.

11. Lastly, smooth a nude gloss on your lips. Nude is any color that is almost the same color as your skin. You can also opt for clear lip gloss.

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