How Kids Can Overcome Fear

Fear is a negative feeling that can give you so much stress and emotional problems. It can give you and your family a hard time to deal with it if you are not willing to share and handle it. It is important that at this point of your childhood, you should learn on how to minimize and even avoid that negative emotion. Here are the ways that you can practice so you can overcome and avoid the feeling of fear to strike in.

You should limit what you watch in the television. If you love watching TV, then you should choose what movies or programs will give you positive learning. Avoid watching scary or horror movies, war movies, movies that have murder scenes or movies that show violence.

You can write your fears in your journal. In this way, you will be able to identify the things that gives you fear. You can show it to your parents so they can give you solution to that factors. You will give your parents an easy time to manage your fear and help you overcome it.

Always pray with your family. This will eliminate fear. Prayer will help you calm down and put your trust in the Lord. Always ask for your guardian angel to guard you wherever you go. Before you go to sleep, always don’t forget to pray so you will have a good night sleep.

Meditate and learn the heart magic. Find time to be quiet and be in a spot wherein no one can disturb you. Take a deep breath through your nose and feel the breath travel down into their belly. Imagine that you placed your fear inside a balloon and then you release the fear-filled balloon into the air. Another way is to place your hands over your heart and feel your breathing. For the greatest benefit, you can repeat these steps ten times.

Spend time with your family with nature. You can go with your family to the beach, park, mountains or resorts. Nature has a great calming effect on the body, mind and spirit. You will also have enough time to share whatever you are feeling at the moment with your family. Your parents will be able to spend time with you and talk about your fears. Through this, you will gain words of encouragement that you are safe and protected.

Listen to beautiful and calming music. During your free hours, you can listen to New Age, Classical, Jazz, or Nature Sounds to help you calm down your fearful thoughts. Children are prone to vivid and wild imaginations and music will help you get rid of the negative thoughts and feelings. You will then feel relaxed and well-rested. These ways are just simple but they can give you freedom from fearful thinking and imagination. Always practice these steps whenever you feel the negative feeling of fear is attacking you.

You can always overcome FEAR!