How Do You Keep Dust Off the DVD Player?

If you’re wondering how to keep dust off your DVD player, you’ve come across a problem common to all electronics. As our favorite machines work their magic on us, they also produce static electricity which acts like a magnet on dust flowing through the air. Though you can’t keep dust off your DVD player forever, there are ways to clean electronics more effectively and repel dust accumulation in future.

Internal DVD Cleaning

Every few months, it’s a good idea to give your DVD player a good cleaning on the inside. Canned air bottles are ideal for the job. Look for ones that specifically say: “anti-static.” This way, once you clean the internal mechanisms of the DVD, the anti-static elements in the spray will keep dust off your DVD player far longer.

Homemade cleaning solution

For cleaning the box and cables of your DVD player, you can save money by using a clean micro-fiber cloth to wipe off the dust. Once the surfaces are clean, follow with a fabric softener dryer sheet, which has an anti-static ingredient in it that will help keep dust off your DVD player and cables in future.

Store-bought cleaning solution

Anti-static cleaning wipes make keeping dust off your DVD player even easier. Such wipes are designed to trap dust easily and at the same time leave a static free environment behind. If you prefer to clean with a gentle micro-fiber cloth, you can use an anti-static dusting spray instead for the same effective results.

Cover your DVD Player

The most visible area of the DVD player is its top. To keep dust from collecting there, cover your DVD with a vinyl place mat. Place dryer sheets between the mat and DVD to act as strong anti-static elements, and wipe the top of the mat with anti-static wipes (or spray it). This will help keep dust off the DVD player far longer than if you simply wiped the DVD top alone.

Tie your cables

Between the sound and video cables, you likely have six or more cables stringing from your DVD player. To reduce dust and make dusting easier, tie the cables together with a rubber band or multi-purpose tie. Follow by spraying the cables with anti-static spray to keep dust off the DVD player cables longer.

Reduce dust in your home

Because electronics will continue to produce static electricity, anti-static ingredients in your cleaning wipes will eventually fail and dust will start to accumulate again. To keep dust off your DVD player longer (and other electronics as well) consider adding an air filter to your home with a hepa filter that will reduce overall dust.