Hooray for Terrible Poetry: Sonnet for Associated Content!

Here’s my first attempt at a Sonnet poem, written for Associated Content / Yahoo! as my entry for the Shakespearean Sonnet Poetry Contest. Are you wondering how to write a Shakespearean Sonnet? To write this type of poem, follow the rules for rhyme scheme. There should be three stanzas with four lines each, called quatrains. The three quatrains have alternating rhyming lines. In addition, there is the last stanza, with two lines, called a couplet. These two lines rhyme with each other. It goes a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g. Also, use iambic pentameter. An unstressed-stressed syllable pattern will give you the iambic part. Ten syllables for each line will give you the pentameter part. Check out the resources at the bottom for more info. When you are done, the completed poem should be one hundred and forty (140) syllables total. Some creativity is allowed in this Call for Content (CFC) as we get to pick the subject and all of the words.

What should you write about? I thought about writing a classic love poem, or perhaps an Ode to nature for Earth Day, or maybe a Holiday poem for seasonal poetry appeal, but then decided on this instead. I wrote a poem about the contest for National Poetry Month.


Warning: may contain spoilers. Look down if you want to read the entry first. It has pentameter, whether it’s iambic or not may depend how you read it. I have separated the stanzas and it has a lot of one syllable words. I hope it still counts as an entry and gives me a chance at the one hundred dollar prize. The first stanza describes AC’s contest and the challenge set forth for Content Producers who wish to enter. The second stanza is a short background about some of my previous creative writing submissions (check them out after reading this one). The third set of lines takes a turn from the previous more optimistic view of hopes for higher PVs at least, to a more pessimistic view of my likelihood of winning with this silly sonnet poem and describes my thoughts while writing this submission. The last two lines are about what the winner will do with the surprise that they have found out that they’ve won. There is symbolism in the pictures, so don’t forget to check them out.


Maybe it’s not a great poem but writing this was still a fun challenge. It’s meant for a little tongue in cheek fun and probably terrible as a Shakespearean Sonnet. That said, feel free to critique (constructively) and point out where you may see errors in this silly one. I’m curious to see who the contest winner will be as I doubt it will be me. I hope you enjoy reading my terrible poetry “Sonnet for Associated Content” and good luck to all who entered :)

A challenge was set forth for you and me
strict rules for syllables and same for rhyme.
Will page views rise like ocean waves on sea?
But alas for this we shall see sans time.

‘though poems in great numbers I submitted
into iambic pentameter’s rules,
Shakespearean Sonnet’s form none fitted,
nor graced thine ears with lost love’s tear filled pools.

Couplets, quatrains, head swirls with rhyme lacked lines;
so with reservation attempt my first
while forcing to fit creative confines
and perhaps possibly win for the worst?

If you should win I’m sure you will want to
collect $100 shout Yahoo!

like all of my poetry and articles on AC,
Copyright: needle felted dogs

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