Hook People into Reading Your Marketing Postcards

I know it is sometimes hard to hook people to read marketing postcards. In most cases, people think of postcards for marketing just like any other commercial type of unsolicited junk mail.

This hampers most of the progress that marketing color postcards have to offer. However, if you yourself plan to print your own, then you are in luck. I am going to teach you here the best ways to hook people into reading your cards and overcome these problems. Be it a commercial or personal postcard, these tricks should help you gain your reader attention immediately and of course get your message across easily.

1. Image teasers ‘” The easiest way to hook people to reading is by using image teasers. This does not mean just using beautiful looking images. This means having specially compose image teasers that entice people to look at it. It can be a beautiful or handsome model beckoning the reader to something, or maybe it is a silhouetted image of some mysterious looking gift. By teasing just a bit and implying a lot, more people will be reading them front and back.

2. Learning teasers ‘” Another good hook and teaser are learning teasers. These ones promise knowledge to their readers. It might be a promise of a few tips and tricks or maybe even some professional secrets that will be shared. Whatever the case, the lure of knowledge has always attracted many people to go through it. Just promise some kind of significant learning experience and watch as they look through your whole colour postcard print. Of course, you should deliver on that promise every time.

3. Urgent teasers ‘” When the sense of urgency is strategically placed, it is also consider a special hook for marketing. Urgent situations typically cause people to make quick decisions when it comes to marketing. So if you tell readers to hurry! This offer is only until… or something similar, it is easily possible to get all of your readers to read your marketing material. Make sure that sense of urgency is predominant in the cover and people respond as quickly as possible so that they do not miss an opportunity.

4. Freebie teasers ‘” Nobody wants to pass on something free or discounted. That is why one of the best hooks is the freebie teaser. By offering people the chance to win free items, or get lots of discounts on your products, you can easily catch their attention and encourage them to read your whole marketing offer in your custom postcards. A big sign that says FREE or even 50% discount is already very attractive for most, even if there are obvious provisions. Used wisely, this can really get responses that it needs for better marketing.

5. Life changing teasers ‘” Finally, we have life changing teasers. These teasers promise a change in the life of the reader if they just read them front and back. Everybody wants to change their lives one time or another, and you will get tons of those kinds of readers if you use this kind of teaser.

That is how you can hook people into reading more of your prints. Just make sure that you deliver on all your promises and all these hooks should work amazingly.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print postcards and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.