Home Remedies How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen or Home

Has your home been invaded by ants? If you answered yes then your next question is how do I get rid of ants in the kitchen or other areas of the home? Ants are a real problem for many homeowners but you can get rid of those pests with the proper steps. A few home remedies work wonders getting rid of ants.

How to get rid of ants

Clean your house

This first step is to clean the area of your home that the ants have taken over. Wipe everything down with soap and water or your favorite cleaning solution. Cleaning will help get up anything that might be attracting the ants to your home. If you discovered ants in your kitchen cabinet, pull everything out and clean thoroughly.

White Vinegar

If you want to get rid of ants in your home and don’t have time to clean, white vinegar works wonders fast and effectively. Simply spread the white vinegar in the area affected by ants. This may include kitchen cabinets, shelves, corners etc. Ants will be gone within minutes of using white vinegar which has been a home remedy for killing ants for years. You can also wipe down everything with the vinegar to get rid of those little pests.

Cinnamon Powder

Another home remedy for killing ants is cinnamon powder. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on the trail the ants follow. The ants will follow the trail of powder and should never return.


Ants do not like the taste of cucumbers that makes this the perfect way to rid your home of ants. Place sliced cucumbers in the infected area. This will force the ants to leave because the taste is not very appealing to ants.

Table Salt

Your kitchen already has the home remedy to get rid of ants so why not put it to good use. Table salt mixed with boiling water and sprayed in corners of your home is an excellent way to rid your home of ants.

Dried Mint Leaves

Dried mint leaves are an effective way to get rid of ants in your home. Crush up the mint leaves and spread in the areas you have seen ants. If you don’t have in dried mint leaves, you can use mint tea bags instead.

Borax or Soapy Water

Borax mixed with a sugar solution and sprayed in kitchen cabinets, closets, corners, etc is effective in killing ants and other small insects that invade your home. You can also sprinkle borax without the sugar solution to kill ants instantly. If you don’t have borax, mix soap and water and spray directly on the ants or in the affected areas.


If you have used all the home remedies for getting rid of ants and they are still a problem call an exterminator.

You have read how to get rid of ants in your kitchen or home now get off the computer and get rid of them critters before they move in permanently.