‘Hoarders’: Five Reasons Hoarding Helps the Economy

Although there is a common belief that collecting a number of invaluable items should be frowned upon, hoarding actually helps the economy, as has been illustrated on the popular television show “Hoarders.” Here are five strong reasons why hoarding is helpful for the business market.

Allows for many new patients for therapists all around the world

Since hoarding centers on an unhealthy lifestyle in which individuals relentlessly collect seemingly worthless materialistic goods, hoarders help save the jobs of therapists. Like any profession, therapists are always trying to find work and hoarders need therapists as much as therapists need them to survive in a highly competitive world, as has been the case in many episodes. In addition, hoarders may also suffer from other mental disorders and therapy would be great to help find puissant solutions for lingering lifestyle issues.

Hoarders may benefit from starring on a popular television show

Another reason why hoarders positively help the economy is that the television show’s audience seems to be enjoying the popular show. The show clearly focuses on intriguing and messy people and this type of format has probably attracted many television watchers who are interested in learning about the dirty lifestyle of hoarding. In essence, as long the show continues to be popular, there will continue to be a need of hoarders who would like to be the next hoarder featured on the show.

Hoarders purchase more items then they need

Even though there are plenty of issues associated with purchasing an abundance of materialistic goods, there is also a positive aspect to collecting more items then needed. Collecting a surplus of one item will most likely help the manufacturing company and possibly stockholders if the company issues stocks. In addition, a seemingly worthless item could actually become worth a great amount of money in the future, as was illustrated in Season 4, Episode 2.

Individuals who spend their time living in a cluttered mess do not spend as much time with visitors

An additional reason why hoarders help the economy is because individuals who live in a cluttered mess do not spend nearly as much time as compared to individuals who are clean and neat. As was demonstrated in Season 2, Episode 4, close family members and friends may visit a hoarder’s home and this could potentially save the hoarder hundreds a year by not paying for additional food, bathroom necessities and other hospitality costs.

The lifestyle helps train children to value neatness and order

Parents who hoard may actually be teaching their valuable life lesson from living in an unsanitary environment. Children of hoarders may begin to value the importance of living in a clean and neat living quarters and this could potentially train them to not engage in deviant behavior and this was the case in Season 4, Episode 5.


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