Hit the Dirt! – My Top 10 Gardening Blogs

Enhance your gardening experience through gardening blogs that target your region, your style or your problems. You’ll find encouragement, answers and companionship. Here are 10 great blogs to offer a starting point.

Focus on the Planet

One of the editorial assistants of Organic Gardening magazine writes The Green Earth Girl blog. She focuses on aspects of organic living, including gardening. I love the chatty tone and her great insights. (The recipes don’t hurt, either!)

Hedge Rose Farm intersperses gardening information along with arts and crafts articles, all told from the perspective of homestead farming. With a wry humor, Leslie Lloyd shares the trials and tribulations of homesteading as well as the great joys.

Get Yourself a College Blog

The Master Gardener program of SU Agricultural Center blog gives information on gardening and farming, including the 4-H program. The blog covers seasons, events and opportunities. Interested readers can subscribe to an RSS feed for updates. The blog allows me to keep up with gardening techniques back in my home state.

Sedgwick County Kansas offers a similar blog. Although the regional information doesn’t match my calendar, the sumptuous photos and practical tips always get my attention.

Listen to the Pros

I have two favorites blogs run by professionals: Garden Mama (Nellie Neal) and A Way to Garden (Margaret Roach).

Neal’s blog combines gardening articles and podcasts of her radio show to keep readers and listeners up-to-date on gardening in the Deep South. Her common sense approach and practical suggestions brighten my day.

Roach approaches gardening from a fairly laid-back perspective. Her recent book title, “And I Shall Have Some Peace There,” tells a great deal about her approach. Peace is what she shares in her blog and what I enjoy when I visit.

Common Interests

I’m a penny-pincher from way back, so the Frugal Gardening blog suits my philosophy perfectly. This blog helps me accomplish the goal of growing a garden without breaking the bank.

Eric Hurlock writes another blog focusing on maintaining the balance between real life responsibilities and gardening desires. Aptly titled ‘Real World Gardener,’ it delivers smiles and photos along with gardening help. He doesn’t assume the reader is a full-time gardener.

Garden Bliss appeals to me because of the proximity to my own location. Angela Pratt writes from the Sacramento, CA area and links to her website, providing even more in-depth information on gardening in this area.

The Garden Rant always provides ideas on gardening from four women scattered across the country. You may disagree with a particular article, but you’ll become a more astute gardener by considering the information.


The Green Earth Girl: http://organicgardening.com/blogs/thegreenearthgirl/

Leslie Lloyd-Hedge Rose Farm: http://hedgerosefarm.com/

Louisiana State University Agricultural Center Master Gardener: http://bhfletcher.wordpress.com/

Sedgwick County Extension Service Master Gardener: http://thedemogarden.org/

Nellie Neal-Garden Mama: http://www.gardenmama.com/

Margaret Roach-A Way to Garden: http://awaytogarden.com/about

Frugal Gardening: http://www.frugalgardening.com/

Eric Hurlock-Real World Gardener: http://organicgardening.com/blogs/realworldgardener/

Angela Pratt-Garden Bliss: http://sacgardening.blogspot.com/

The Garden Rant: http://www.gardenrant.com/Find a blog in your area-Garden Writers Association: http://www.gardenwriters.org/gwa.php?p=index.html