Help Give Mom Want She Wants This Mother’s Day: Help Save ABC Soaps

Mother’s Day is almost here. What kind of gift can you give your mother that will keep on giving throughout her life? Why not give her the gift of the knowing that her favorite ABC soaps won’t be going off the air? How can you give her that gift? You can help join the fight against ABC cancelling “All My Children,” “One Life to Live” and the future cancellation of “General Hospital.”

There are thousands and thousands of mothers, grandmothers and future mom’s across the nation who loves these shows. Many of these mothers were born and raised on these shows and this is their greatest wish this mother’s Day.

Personally, this writer recently was talking to her very own, very wise Mother. She asked her what she wanted the most for Mother’s Day. She said she wanted “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” to continue airing. She loved watching the Vicki/Niki storylines on OLTL and watching Erica on AMC. She wanted to continue watching these shows and many more stories far into next year. She went on to say: “Most of us mothers do not need any more chocolate. Our waistbands are wide enough, all ready. We don’t need any flowers. They will just die. We don’t need any knick knacks. We don’t want to dust them and we want our children, on the computers and on the phones fighting for our soaps instead of dusting for us.”

I told her I would write an article and say those exact words to my readers. If my very wise, 82 year old mother felt this way, I am sure there are mothers across the nation in all age groups that felt the same way. I wanted to get the message across the best way I knew how.

Now how can we work to help give this present to our mothers, grandmothers and even to our ourselves?

· We can spread the word. We can tell people to turn on their television sets when our ABC stories are playing.

· If we have a DVR, we can tape them and play them back, too. If we aren’t at home when the shows are playing, we can leave a television on that channel. Most televisions have sleeper settings now that will turn them back off for us.

· We can join groups that are helping to fight these cancellations

· We can write or call advertisers and ask them to sponsor our shows

· We can write or call other networks and see if they will consider purchasing our shows, if ABC does go ahead with cancellation (never hurts to have a backup plan)

· We can write or call our ABC affiliates and ask them not to air the shows that ABC plans on replacing our soaps. We can ask them to replace them with local programming instead. If another ABC affiliates refuses to air them, maybe ABC will back down on the cancellations

We all need to work together as one group, for our mothers.

The other day, I was on twitter and I saw a cute post. I don’t remember who posted it. But it read something like this. The man was referring to how he had called and told his mother how Our President had finally caught Bin Laden, the mother then says “That’s nice dear, but what is he doing about my soaps.”

It made me grin for I know this is an issue that is of vital importance to mothers everywhere. There soaps are a vital part of their day. The characters are like family to them. For this reason, as Mother’s Day draws closer we all need to fight harder, for our mother’s then we all can come together for another celebration. No, it may not rate as important as capturing a world enemy. Yet, it is important in its own right.

If you want to join the fight in helping to save these shows, save jobs, fight ageism please join these two groups and subscribe to this writer’s content to keep up to date on all the news related to the fight to save our soaps:

Stop Abc From Cancelling Amc and Oltl Soaps