Halo: The Best Game Series Ever

The video game Halo, by Bungie, is considered one of the greatest games ever created. When it was first released in 2001, nobody knew what to expect. Some people thought it was just going to be “just another first person shooter”. Those people obviously thought wrong. After the release of the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved, the game immediately became a huge hit. For every Xbox console sold, four games were sold. It is fair to say that Halo was the reason why many people switched from Playstation and Nintendo to Xbox. After Halo became a huge hit, Bungie decided to invest in creating a series. Halo 2 was release in 2004, followed by Halo 3 in 2007, Halo: ODST in 2009, and finally Halo Reach in 2010.

Many people would agree, including myself, that Halo: Combat Evolved has the best campaign mode of all time. The story can be described as emotional, uplifting, exciting, and the first of it’s kind. Information of the stories plot could be found here at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo:_Combat_Evolved. The graphics are beautiful, and the scenery is highly detailed for it’s time. The gameplay is smooth, which makes it very easy for beginners to catch on. One reason why the campaign is so much fun is because, besides the fact that players take the role of Master Chief, they also fight along side marines. The marines are smart and talk to you as you play, which makes the game much more exciting of course. The enemy aliens, The Covenant, also talk aloud to each other. Grunts and Elites even talk trash after they have killed you. Another fun aspect is the use of vehicles. You can drive a warthog while a friend can man the machine gun. You can also drive a tank and fly an alien banshee. Combat has certainly evolved in the game world as it says so right in the title.

Halo 2 is similar to the original except for minor changes like the use of the sword, and the introduction of duel wielding weapons like the SMG and the Needler. The major part of the game that was introduced is multiplayer on Xbox Live. Playing against other players online is not only fun, but it makes it more competitive. This made Halo as competitive as playing sports, because playing the game does take skill.

Halo 3 was the first Halo game released on Xbox 360. As expected, the graphics and gameplay were top notch. The new features of Halo 3 included power items like a drop shield or a shield generator, which spiced the gameplay for multiplayer. Halo: ODST also came out a short time after Halo 3. It did not gain much popularity because instead of being a Spartan soldier, you played the role as a common marine. Though it was still fun, it was not as good as the previous titles.

The best game ever created in my personal opinion has to be Halo Reach. Halo Reach has a unique campaign mode in that the setting takes place before Halo: Combat Evolved. Many of the guns remained the same, the graphics improved a bit, but the online play makes this game the best. This game introduces different perks you can assign to your character before spawning into the map. You can equip a jet pack that makes you fly, armor lock that makes you invincible for a short period of time, camouflage that makes you invisible, sprint that makes you run fast, a drop to shield to protect, a hologram to confuse your enemy, and evade to dodge grenades. Also, every time you play campaign, firefight, or multiplayer, you receive credits. You earn credits by fragging, making headshots, double kills, killing spree, etc. With credits, you can unlock new armor that makes your character look cooler. The ranking system is also competitive in that the higher you get, the more time it takes to rank up. All of these factors make the game so addicting. This game is so popular that it sold over 300 million USD in the first 24 hours.

Halo is by far my favorite game series of all time.