Hallows Eve – Trick or Treat?


Trick or Treat?

It had been six months since Captain Paul Harris’s deranged ex-partner, Jack Hallows, had taken vengeance for the death of his family and threatened Harris’s wife.

That night where he had made Harris thought he had lost his beloved wife.

A night now referred to by the local police as ‘Hallows Eve’.

Harris sat in his rundown office staring at the case notes from that night.

“There must be something I’m missing” he thought to himself. “Something I’ve overlooked”

Suddenly there was a knock at the office door.

“Captain, there was a homicide downtown, they want us there soon as possible” Lieutenant Thorp informed Harris.

“I’m a little snowed under here Thorp can’t you guys manage without me?” sighed Harris.

“I think you will want to oversee this personally Captain, you knew the person involved, it’s Grant Foley, your old C.I.” replied Thorp.

Harris’s expression turned to one of sudden concern.

“I’ll follow you there, set up a perimeter and wait for me”

“Will do Captain” replied Thorp.

As the Lieutenant left the office Harris began to wonder if this was the beginning of the warning he had received from Hallows two years ago.

As he left his office he began to feel himself sweat and shake.

“Pull yourself together Paul” he thought “this is probably just a coincidence, Foley was a scumbag, he had lots of people who wanted him dead.”

He calmed himself and drove to the crime scene

As he walked into the now cornered off building of flats, his heart began to race as his fears were confirmed by Thorp.

“What’s the news Lieutenant?” asked Harris

“He’s a mess Captain, someone’s carved him up good” replied Thorp

“Are there signs of a knife attack? Stab wounds?” Inquired Harris

“He died due to his neck being snapped Captain, its, it’s his face” Thorp said, his voice shaking

“What happened to his face?” Harris replied.

“I think it’s best if you take a look Sir” Thorp said, the colour fading from his face

As Harris walked over to the corpse of Grant Foley he began to understand why Thorp was feeling unwell.

Blood covered the floor in the room of the abandoned flat and sure enough there was Foley, lying in the middle of the spill.

His eyes had been removed with a blunt instrument and hollowed out until it gave the appearance of blackness, they had also taken the time to remove his nose and cut his mouth up each side of his cheeks. His face was painted red with blood and his neck was quite obviously broken.

Harris stared into the empty eye sockets of the man he once knew and felt a shudder go through his body,

“Even Foley didn’t deserve this” he thought.

As he stood there he heard two officers talking in the corner and something one of them said caught his attention.

“Repeat what you just said officer!” he shouted, his mind now racing

“I just said the victim kind of looks like a Halloween pumpkin Sir, I meant no disrespect.” Replied the officer nervously

Harris froze to the spot, his mind now jumping to only one conclusion “He’s back” he thought “Hallows is back”

Harris rushed outside to get some air and clear his head.

Suddenly he thought about his wife Alice. Frantically he called her mobile phone, it went straight to answer machine. Panic began to consume him but at that moment Thorp ran over.

“We have found something Sir” he informed Harris

“What is it?” Harris replied

“It’s a note Sir, it’s addressed to you”

Harris grabbed the note and began to read it

His face went white as he did, it simply had the address of where Jack Hallows lost his family, his old house.

“What is it Sir?” inquired Thorp anxiously

“It’s nothing lieutenant, I’ll handle it” Harris snapped rushing to his car.

“Sir! What did it say?” Thorp shouted after him

Harris speeded off to Hallows old house, leaving the Lieutenant behind

“Something’s not right.” Thorp thought to himself. “I’d better follow him.”

As Harris pulled up at the abandoned house, he sat for a moment and calmed himself before getting out of the car and loading his gun.

He carefully pushed open the door and walked into the hallway.

“Alice!” he whispered as he entered the living room

The room was empty.

Suddenly he heard a moan from another room.

His pulse began to race as he moved closer.

He gingerly pushed the door open with the barrel of his gun, sitting in the middle of the room was his wife Alice tied and gagged to a chair.

“Alice!” He shouted running towards her

Harris then felt a sharp smack to the back of his head, suddenly everything was black.

When he awoke Harris was tied next to his wife in a similar chair.

His first reaction was to try and struggle free, at that point a sinister voice from the corner of the room said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, after all it’s pointless, you were the one who taught me how to tie up dangerous suspects Paul”

“Jack! You son of a bitch!” Harris shouted.

At that moment Hallows leaped up and ran at Harris grabbing one of his fingers and breaking it swiftly.

Harris screamed out in pain

“I believe we have already had the conversation regarding how I don’t like to be referred to as Jack” Hallows said smirking

“Ok, ok I get it” Harris replied “Now why am I here and why is Alice? She has done nothing to you!”

“She is here to make my final point to you Paul. I am here to show you once and for all the consequences of failure. I failed my family, I wasn’t careful enough. I was caught out and my family paid the ultimate price. You then failed me by letting that scumbag go free. Now it’s time for you to see the result of your failure” Hallows stated

“It doesn’t have to be this way! I can help you! Help you to find some peace!” Harris pleaded

“I’m afraid it’s too late for me Paul, besides insanity is liberating, here, why don’t you try it?” Hallows said pointing a gun at Alice.

As the gun fired, Harris froze. He felt like his heart had stopped, the shot ringing in his ears.

Harris looked across to his wife lying on the floor next to him.

At that point another gun shot rang through the room this time from another direction.

Hallows fell to the ground dropping his gun.

Harris felt someone untying him, the sound of someone’s voice was muffled but began to become clearer.

“Captain! Captain are you ok?” Thorp shouted.

“Alice, check Alice” mumbled Harris.

“We have to get you out of here Sir, I have paramedics coming to get her now” replied Thorp

They stumbled to the front door to an array of police cars and officers.

“Hallows, what about Hallows?” Harris inquired.

“Hallows is down Sir, I put one in his chest, he’s not getting up” Thorp assured Harris. “Another thing sir, your wife, she had a bullet proof vest put on her before she was shot, she’s bruised but ok”

At that moment Harris saw his wife being carried out on a stretcher.

He shrugged off Thorp and rushed to her side.

“What’s her condition? Is she ok?” he screamed at the paramedics.

“She’s going to be fine Sir, we just need to get her down to A&E to make sure there’s no permanent damage caused by the impact” replied one of the medics.

“I’m coming with you” Harris stated holding his wife’s hand.

“Sir! Sir” Hallows, he’s gone Sir!” shouted one of the officers on the scene

“What?” shouted Thorp “I put one in his chest, I saw him go down there’s no way he got up!”

“There’s no sign of him, we have searched the entire house” the officer replied.

“Well check again damn it! He has to be in there somewhere!” Thorp shouted at him

“Lieutenant can you handle things here while I go with my wife to the hospital?” asked Harris

“Of course Sir I’ll inform you of any changes” Thorp replied

“Thank you Lieutenant” Harris said as he got into the ambulance.

Paul Harris looked at his unconscious wife lying in the ambulance and for the second time in six months relief overwhelmed him.

Suddenly he noticed something sticking out of her coat pocket.

It was a note.

Nervously Harris read it.

It simply read ‘Not yet’.

Harris hung his head and gripped his wife’s hand tighter.

It had been another tough night and he was sure there was more to come.

If not now, soon.

When he least expected it.