Haiku Poem Examples

Bow to your sensei my young, eager padawan. I have heard your pleas and know that you desire insight into the mystery that is the haiku poem. You must know though that if you truly want to know how to haiku, be prepared to invest a lifetime. If time is of the essence though, you can also use the quickie method, which entails reading three articles that I, Lou Chase Haiku Master, have written. These three articles will unlock the conundrum that is the haiku poem, show you how to haiku and give you real world haiku poem examples.

The 5-7-5 rule, deal with it for now

Most haiku poems are written in 3 lines and follow the 5-7-5 syllable rule; five syllables on the first line, seven on the second and five on the third. In fact, when you’re out and about you can usually spot a young haiku disciple-they’re the ones that look like idiots silently mouthing words and counting on their fingers. Actually, the 5-7-5 rule is not necessary but that is not for you to understand at this time my learning lyricist. I will deal with the whole syllable issue in a subsequent article.

The call of nature

The most important thing about your haiku poem is that it involve nature, and in particular, a season. One of the most popular methods in writing a haiku poem is that the first line introduce the particular season. In the haiku poem examples I set forth in these articles the first line (the season) is set as a backdrop to the event (the next two lines).

Lou Chase-Haiku Master

Since I, Lou Chase, am a haiku master, the haiku poem is a part of my very being, the essence of all I think and say. For example, when I can’t sleep at night, I count sheep, but unlike most people I count them in groups of five, then seven then another five. Also, as a haiku master I often demand that the members of my family converse in haiku-and this leads me to my first haiku poem example.

The setup: My wife and I were driving to her mothers for dinner. Half way to her mother’s house the car tire goes completely flat. This is the conversation that took place;

(Lou Chase-Haiku Master)
winter chill cuts deep..
the card is in my wallet
I’ll call Triple A

(Mrs. haiku master)
cool air refreshes…
my mother waits patiently
we cannot be late

(Haiku Master)
iced roads are cruel…
I paid for this membership
this is what they do

(Mrs. haiku master)
cool breeze awakens…
feel it energize your soul
as those lug nuts turn

(Haiku Master)
unforgiving cold…
your mother will understand.
the pot roast will keep

(Mrs. haiku master)
winter’s moon shines bright…
triple A will take too long
get out of the car

(Haiku Master)
way below freezing…
I’m entering the numbers
ever so quickly

(Mrs. haiku master)
the crisp air beckons…
you will heed its call right now
or the couch is yours

How this conversation ended is of no importance, it’s the beauty of the haiku language that demands center stage.

Thanks for checking out this article on how to haiku. Check out my next article, More Haiku Poem Examples, and see how I use haiku in everyday life, such as telling my wife her butt doesn’t look to big for the jeans she’s wearing.

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