Green Tips for Aquarium Owners

It has often been discussed how dog, cat and even hamster owners can lead greener lives, but what about fish owners? Are there ways you can manage your aquarium so that you’re more eco-friendly? Of course. In fact there are several tips you can use to ensure your aquarium creates less waste and uses less water. Best of all, you won’t have a spend a fortune being green.

Avoid Goldfish

Goldfish are some of the most beautiful fresh water fish. Unfortunately, they can also be quite messy. To put it plainly, most of goldfishes’ lives are spent eating and expelling what they eat. They create a lot of waste and the bigger the fish, the more waste. In other words, goldfish that get up to 10 inches long are going to create a lot of waste. All this waste means that the ammonia levels can rise and the need for frequent water changes will increase. Even goldfish varieties that are bottom feeders will still create waste after cleaning the bottom of your tank. If you must have a goldfish in your aquarium, the following tips will help keep you green.

Choose Fish Food Carefully

There are fish foods on the market that are specially formulated to create less waste. These are a great choice for goldfish owners. The reason these foods create less waste is that they are prepared with less protein. Many foods on the market contain more protein than can be digested, which means that the fish create more waste. When buying food, make sure to purchase the exact type needed for your type of fish so that it can digest most of what the food provides.

Purchase a High Quality Filter

A high quality filter can keep your aquarium looking clean and prevent unnecessary water changes. While some water changes will still be necessary, it can greatly reduce the number. Not only is a high quality filter necessary, but it’s also advised to purchase a filter that is larger than what you tank needs. This helps ensure that you tank stays as clean as possible.

Invest in Bottom Feeders

Another natural way to keep your tank clean is to invest in bottom feeders. Catfish, plecos and loaches are all wonderful types of bottom feeders. The purpose of these types of fish is strictly to keep the aquarium clean. They eat any waste whether it’s uneaten food or the waste of other fish. Either way, they do a great job at keeping your tank clean. One thing you should be aware of though is that some varieties can be aggressive and can grow quite large. Always discuss your current tank and fish occupants with the pet store before purchasing bottom feeders.

Reuse Aquarium Water

Aquariums do require water changes in order to stay clean and safe for your fish. That doesn’t mean you have to let this water go to waste. Aquarium water is loaded with minerals. I use this water to water my flowers and it does wonders. Forget about using expensive fertilizers that are supposed to increase growth; aquarium water does the same thing and it’s free. Best of all, you’ll be a little bit greener by reusing the water.

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