Green Pet Glass and Surface Cleaner is Pet Safe

We have a 12 year old Silky Terrier who loves to camp out on the back of our couch, where she can easily see out our large picture window. She is a miniature watch dog, and she keeps track of who comes and goes on our property.

I love giving her the freedom of watching out the window because she looks for us from the time we leave until we get home, but allowing her this freedom comes at a price. Her habit of looking out the window means I am left with those nasty doggy nose prints all over the glass! If you have never tried to clean up that type of mess, let me tell you that it is not a pleasant job. Those nose smears are much harder to clean than hand prints!

A product called Green Pet Glass & Surface Cleaner is the answer! I am always very careful what I use to clean my home, opting for all natural products whenever possible. I don’t like leaving a toxic chemical residue on my windows, or any other surface for that matter.

Green Pet Glass & Surface Cleaner can be found in pet specialty stores, and retails for around $10.00. I have seen it available online for half that price, so do shop around! It comes in a clear 32 ounce plastic bottle with a trigger sprayer, and it claims to be “Quick and safe for daily use”. It also claims to be “Non-toxic and safe to use around all pets”.

As of August 2, 2011 the ingredients list reads: Vegetable surfactants, emulsifiers, deionized water, and organic fragrance. Manufacturers do change their ingredient formulations from time to time, so do be sure to read the label if you have questions about ingredient safety.

Green Pet Glass & Surface Cleaner is a pleasure to use! It has a lovely lavender scent that makes the room smell fresh and clean. I love the scent of lavender, so this is a product I enjoy cleaning with. It sprays out in a nice uniform mist, and the cleaner cuts right through those smudges from a dogs nose. I have some friends who don’t feel the natural cleaners are as other “mainstream” cleaners, but I have to disagree. The Green Pet Glass & Surface Cleaner works as well as any glass cleaner I’ve ever used, and it leaves my glass streak free and shiny. I use a plain white paper towel to dry my windows, which really works well to avoid streaks.

The company Green Pet Organics, claims their cleaner does not contain any dyes, fillers, pollutants, chemicals, VOC’s, and that is is non-toxic, natural, organic and non-caustic. Even if I didn’t have a pet, I would purchase this cleaner based on it’s quality ingredients and performance. I am pleased to recommend this amazing cleaner called Green Pet Glass & Surface Cleaner.