Green Living Experts and Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter

This article lists about 100 green living experts and influencers on Twitter , in no particular order. The purpose it to introduce readers to more sources of content , information ,and those generating new ideas.

Huffington Post’s Green Editor is Travis Walter Donovan. He’s on [email protected]

The founder of 30Project, crowdsoucing a new vision toward long-term food system change is Ellen Guftason, on [email protected] .

Yahoo Green is a place to get ideas on how to improve your life and world on [email protected] USA Today has on [email protected] features about green living and the green home.

This article would not be complete without adding Al Gore on [email protected] Do the Green Thing on [email protected]

These tweets introduce readers to electric vehicles in New Zealand on [email protected]

[email protected] is from green living news. For the NY TImes blog about energy and the environment go to [email protected] The Daily Green consumer’s guide to the green revolution on [email protected]_Daily_Green . From Michael D Estries [email protected] and Rebecca Carter on [email protected] is the site Ecorazzi with green gossip on [email protected]

Brandon Glenn offers green business tips and writes . Brandon is on [email protected]_cotton .

A professional organization, ISSP, The International Society of Sustainability Professionals is on [email protected]

Just Means, on [email protected], Martin Smith, Founder and CEO, created the business which as become the world’s leading source of information and connections for people doing business better. Co-Founder, Kevin Long; Head of Technology Vikrant Labde; Senior Programmer Sagar Tambe; Chip Wood, VP of Conferences; and Sustainabile Educators Jenn Rice; Marshall Roberts, Jeremy Faludi, Phillip Berry, and Rainer Uchsenk

Advisory Board members of GE Ecomagination on [email protected] include Jonathon Lash, President of World Resource Institute committed to finding practical solutions to global challenges of the environment and sustainability. Other key leaders are Mindy S. Lubber, Ernest Moniz, Thomas Kuhn, James Cameron, and Eileen Clusen

Peter Gardett, [email protected] is Managing Editor of AOL Energy which innovates, reinvests, and provides resources for renewable energy generation and fuel .

The Executive Editor of Good is Ann Friedman. She’s on [email protected]
Writer Jodi Silver wants to save all of earth’s creatures on [email protected] Writer Eco Chic is on [email protected]

Danielle Gould, a social alchemist fascinated with open date, sustainable food systems, social entrepreneurship, social and mobile media is on [email protected] and [email protected]

Philanthropists, Bill and Melina Gates, are dedicated to helping people live better, productive lives. They benefit others through their foundation which you can connect to on [email protected]

Michael Mossoba is a social entrepreneur and founder of which ranks corporate social responsibility. [email protected] The Editor and Publisher of Talking Points Memo (TPM), Josh Marshall is on [email protected]

The man responsible for producing the largest sustainability lifestyle festivals in the NW is Michael O’Loughlin based in Portland, OR. Find Michael on [email protected]

Randy Richmond ,a man promoting the sustainable process on [email protected]

One media outlet which is dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream is Treehugger.The designpreneur of this site is Graham Hill. Find him on [email protected]

The social media editor @Treehugger is Chris Tackett [email protected] Treehugger Editor-in Chief, Meaghan O’Neil on [email protected] Managing Editor of, Collin Dunn on [email protected]

Bob Williamson ,of Australia, is the Founder and Chairman of Greenhouse Neutral Foundation and the author of “Zero Greenhouse Emissions” [email protected]

Jennie Lyon , a Florida-based blogger for Cascadian Farm and Inhabitots [email protected]

[email protected] will take you to the CEO and Founder of focused on realigning our society with nature through business methods and citizen activism.

Tom Barrett, a passionate speaker about water and the environment is on [email protected] . He’s in Indianapolis.

The Clinton Foundation is addressing urgent global problems through collaboration on [email protected]

Sustainability strategist, John Bergdoll, on [email protected] The CEO of the Shift Network and Author of “Sacred America” is Stephan Dinan of San Rafael, CA. Find Stephan on [email protected]

A rapidly growing green living site is called Mother Nature Network(MNN) on [email protected]

Matt Hickman described himself as an Eco-living blogger and sustainability consultant on [email protected]

Robin Shreeves of South New Jersey writes about food. She is a self-proclaimed South Jersey Locavore with a website to help support local farms , local and fresh food.. She’s on [email protected]

Jenn Savedge is the author of “Eco-Saavy For Teens” and is the Eco-mom who can be found on [email protected] or [email protected]

From Calgary, Canada, Chris Turner is the author of “Geography of Hope” and is Co-Founder of CivicCamp.Find him on [email protected]

Eco-blogger for MNN and Raising Them Green is Melissa Hincha-Ownby on [email protected]
To learn more about EcoBlu, a website about river, stream, and wetland renewal with Michael Sprague on [email protected]

Jim Motavalli is an environmental journalist who covers transportation on [email protected]

The global patriot who says we deserve to live on a healthy planet and who promotes sustainability and respect is Mark Lovett on [email protected]

From Chicago at @ourgreenschools, Beth Goldman is on [email protected]_Goldman .

Also from Chicago, this editor of Ars Technica to follow is Jacqui Cheng on [email protected]

Sanjay Khanna is the Director of Resilient People and offers guidance on preparing foe economic and climate shifts. He’s from Vancouver, BC, on [email protected]

Chief Strategist of Validas from Ontario, Canada you’ll find Dave Chalmers on [email protected]

She describes herself on [email protected] , that’s Cathyrn Hrudicka.

Environmental blogger, Beth Buczynski is often found on Yahoo Green and on [email protected]
[email protected] Monterrey Bay Aquarium sustainable seafood. Award Recipient. Top three most sustainable restaurants in America.

An ebullient connector of smart ideas , David Newman is on [email protected] from Philadelphia.

Twitterer in Chief at Skype is Peter Parkes on [email protected] . He’s a global communication connector.
BBC Broadcaster of the Virtual Revolution, Aleks Krotoski is on [email protected]

Writing about global warming is Bud Ward on [email protected]_Ward. [email protected] covers food and the environment. [email protected] is a comprehensive plug-in and electric car buyer’s guide. Another green living transportation writer is on [email protected]

Green living writer Lori Bongiorno is on [email protected] Planet Green Blogger and fitness writer is Laurel House. She’s on [email protected] She’ll help you get in shape fast.

Another social media connector is Paul Colligan on [email protected] From the Gold Coast of Australia, Suzie Cheel is using social media for influence on [email protected]

The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, UK [email protected]_alt_tech .

The Global environmental research organization focused on building a low-carbon energy solution is the WorldWatch Institute [email protected] . The Oil Drum is about interactive energy, peak oil, and sustainability think tank on [email protected] .

Colleen Vandelinden, a writer for Treehugger, Planet Green, Mother Earth News, and Author of “Edible Gardening for the Midwest,” is on [email protected]_Vanderlinden . Writer Rebecca Lange is the Creator of Magic Moments on [email protected] . Using the [email protected], Michelle Kay, is a making her mark as a lifestyle and tech review blogger.

She call’s herself a green yogini and writer, Jessica Root, is on [email protected] Another woman who writes about the world we live in is ChanMiPark, she’s on [email protected]

Principle of Project Green Search and Partner at Chartreuse PR(a green pr company) Aysia Wright’s [email protected]

Food and Healthy living articles are of tern written by Cara Smusiak on [email protected] . The green lifestyle blog by Ronnie Citron-Fink is on [email protected] On [email protected] you’ll find more about this family organic food business. Sarah on [email protected] covers organic yoghurt making, fresh, organic, sustainable tweets.

Green living and fashion photographer Gaby Herbstein is on [email protected]_Herbstein

Jeff D [email protected] is an economist, and Director of the Earth Institute on [email protected] . At the Earth Institute they’re mobilizing the sciences, education, and public policy to achieve a sustainable Earth.

YaleE360 is the publication of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies on [email protected]

Earth911 CEO Colt Melby; President Corey Lambrecht; Government Relations and Industry Affairs Sandra Keil; VP of Media Affairs Raquel Fagan on [email protected]

[email protected] you’ll find tweets by Lori Popewitzafer, a green living expert blogger, recovering attorney, triathlete, yogi, borderline vegan.

On [email protected] is the Whole Foods Markets with more than 300 locations.
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