Green Cleaning Products Vs.Traditional Household Cleaning Products

When my house is clean and fresh, I feel that “I love my home”, however, using toxic products can prove costly and dangerous. We absolutely don’t want to contribute to any environmental pollution. Some store bought traditional cleaners are loaded with chemicals, these can irritate or burn the skin, cause allergies and cancer. For our own safety, it’s best to be careful when choosing household cleaners. Nontoxic products are safe and don’t harm the environment. Most eco-friendly products are easy to mix and ingredients can be found in most stores. I recently discovered that natural household cleaners are a good alternative, because they are biodegradable, this is very good for the ecosystem. I want to share three great natural household cleaning recipes, these products are safe and easy to mix. One thing to keep in mind, Green products will help you save money and the environment.

All Purpose Home Cleaner

1 tsp. of all natural liquid mint soap or Castile soap
1 tsp. of borax
the juice of one lemon
1 qt of warm water

Directions: In a large pail combine water, borax, lemon juice and liquid soap, then proceed to mix these ingredients well, ensuring that the borax is completely dissolved.

Use: ThisGreen cleaning solution can be used throughout the entire house. It’s great for tiles, vinyl, linoleum, (add a few drops of baby oil for shine, this is optional)and some wood floors(check the manufacturer suggestions for wood floors). It is also safe for walls, kitchen and bathrooms. If your surfaces need some scouring, dampen a cloth or a green scouring pad with this mixture along with baking soda or sea salt . This mixture is strong enough to lift heavy dirt and grime.

Approximate cost: Liquid soap ($0.05 per tsp) + borax($0.07 per tsp) +lemon juice ($0.68) + Green scouring pad ($0.20 each).The total cost = $1.00. On the other hand, store-bought soft scrub is about $2.50 and a hard surfaces cleaner cost is about $5.00, your savings close to $6.50 . So as the saying goes, “Going green will save you green”.

Sanitizer and Deodorizer

1 tbs. of mint extract (or use your own fragrance)
5 tbs. of oxygenated water
½ quart of water
Clean spray bottle

Directions: Simply add the mint extract and oxygenated water to the quart of water and mix vigorously.

Use: This all natural sanitizer and deodorizer is excellent for after you have washed your cutting board, it will keep it germ and odor free. Use it to wipe down the baby’s high chair, tray and toys. A moistened cloth can be used to wipe off plastic furniture and other household items. Clean your pet area with this solution and don’t worry, it’s all natural. You can also spray this mixture on your mattress for bedbugs, dust mites and any place in which ants are active. Dry crushed mint works great as ant deterrent. You’ll love how your house smells and looks.

An approximate cost: Mint extract ( $0.20 per tsp) + spray bottle ($0.50) + oxygenated water ($0.05).Total cost=$0.75, compared to “Fabreze” or similar products which can cost about $7.00,depending on the store. Your total savings can be close to $6.25.

Non Toxic Furniture Polish

¼ cup Linseed oil (a vegetable oil produced from flax seed)
3 Drops of Mint oil
3 Drops Rosemary essential oil

Directions: Mix all the ingredients together and place them in a bottle, shake well and use at full strength, moisten a cloth with the mixture and proceed to polish the furniture.

Use: This mixture can be used on cedar, redwood, oak and pine.

Some store-bought furniture polish add inexpensive solvents like kerosene and naphtha (a variety of flammable liquids) to their products. Others smell like lemon with a touch of some kind of automobile oil. Problems you can avoid by using Green products.

This is an approximate cost: Linseed oil (cost per ¼ cup approximately $0.50) + mint oil ($0.10) + Rosemary Essential oil($0.20). Total cost=$0.80, a traditional furniture polish cost about $6.00 a bottle. Your total saving should be about $5.20.

This is compilation of my favorite natural products, mint is my favorite herb and of course, I have a mint tree in my yard, so I use its leaves to cook, for herbal remedies and for a nice cup of hot tea. Recently, however, I have been using mint for my cleaning products and it has proven successful. My mint tree is as good as gold, talk about versatile… Yep, that’s my mint tree! So,keep it clean, keep it safe and remember that, it’s always a good idea to keep cleaning products away from small children. Take steps towards saving your health, money and the environment. Always use natural or eco-friendly products.