Go Green, Earn Green! 4 Easy Ways to a Green Job Search

Earth Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the green movement, particularly in the job search. Going green has lots of benefits, but it can also lead to a more sustainable job search. After all, the overarching theme of “going green” is doing something for the environment and others.

Applying green tactics to your job search not only helps you, but also your surroundings. Here’s how:

Go paperless. The more paper you use, the more you hurt the environment, right? But, what if you need to show off your resume, portfolio, or testimonials, but don’t want to lug around piles of paper? Think about using more technology, such as online resumes, social media, or even QR codes , which can contain all the information you want it to in just one little box. Your impressive use of technology would be appealing to any employer or influencer, even if they aren’t particularly environmentally savvy. Plus, using tools like QR codes are just another way you can pull yourself away from the pack since you are doing something completely different than most.

Use smaller business cards. There are times when you need paper, particularly with business cards. So, how can you apply green tactics to this? Go smaller. You can now design your business cards to be half the size . In addition to getting your point across, your paper usage is cut down. Further, a business card that looks different than the standard is immediately going to set you apart from the crowd, increasing your chances of getting noticed.

Target those doing good. Lots of companies out there are using their big platforms to do good in their community, as well as their country and worldwide. This sort of thinking usually trickles down to the workplace. The more a company cares about the external, the more it probably cares about the internal, which includes the work environment. Target these companies that are doing good, especially if their values align with your personal ones. How can you find out? Check out their website, go to events, contact past employees, and most importantly, ask questions. The more you know, the better.

Cut your commute down. As of April 18, 2011, the average price of gas in the U.S. was $3.84 per gallon. With gas prices rising, it may be a good idea to adopt green attitudes and look for alternative ways to meet people, such as using public transportation, planning virtual meetings, picking up the phone, or plain old e-mail. These tactics help your wallet, as well as the environment since you are partially or completely cutting your commute down. Further, it will probably look impressive to a green company if you suggest these tactics since you are already adapting to their organizational values.

How do you implement green strategies into your job search?