Gift Ideas for Those People Who Are Difficult to Buy a Gift For

Buying a gift for certain types of people can be not just difficult, but downright irritating. Why do people have to be so individualized? Why can’t everybody act as a single entity who all believe in the same thing like Republican politicians? Because life is a party and sometimes you are the wallflower and sometimes you have the lampshade over your head. Here are ideas for those types of people who are difficult to buy a gift for.

Gift for the Nerdy Boyfriend
Call him a nerd or a geek or a Poindexter; it all points to the same destination. It would be stereotypical to suggest that all nerds love science fiction, of course, but let’s get serious. If you are the Penny of your group and are looking to buy the perfect gift for the Leonard of your group, it means that you are familiar with The Big Bang Theory. It also means you should combine your nerd’s love of science fiction with their love of the attention of a female. A great gift idea for a girl to give a nerd she has started dating is to invest in a sexy outfit derived from one of those galaxies far away. Possibilities include the minidress worn by female crew members aboard the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek: The Original Series, the bikini outfit sported by Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi or a skintight blue catsuit that pays homage to that blue chick from those movies about all those mutants.

Gift for the Gadget Lover
If you are looking for a gift for the person who loves gadgets, the problem isn’t locating something to buy, it’s choosing from the plethora of possibilities. The key to a great gift for a gadget geek is to find something that makes an existing task easier or more fun. The Treasure Seeker Shoes also serves the purpose of allowing your gadget loving friend to look for buried metal without looking like a dork carrying a metal detector around. The metal detection gadgetry is located in the shoes so all he or she has to do is walk and listen.

Gift for the Sports Lover
Okay, you’ve bought just about all the merchandise you can think of featuring the logo or name of your sports lover’s favorite team. This year it is time to kick the gift idea to a higher gear. An electric football game will take an older sports lover back to his youth while a younger one gets to experience an old school thrill that video games just can’t match. That’s electric football game and not electronic football game. Completely different gifts.

Gift for the Country Style Decorator
That person whose home is decorated in Country style is actually pretty easy to shop for. The problem of getting the perfect gift may lie in finding it. You may have to head to an antique shop or junk store or flea market to find the best gift for a home decorated in Country style. Among the gift ideas to consider: painted tinware water pitchers from the 1800s, wrought iron candle chandeliers, blue and white porcelain cups and saucers, pewter plates or simple wooden toys ranging from a small rocking horse to genuine wooden bowling pins.

Gift for the Speed Demon
Buying a gift for that person who just can’t get enough speed in their lives can be economically problematic. You know you would give the gift of a fast sports car if you could, but you just can’t afford it right now. That person who is always driving at least ten mph over the speed limit or who threads through traffic in an attempt to break their existing record for getting from Point A to Point B can be satisfied with a gift that is hardly cheap, but is definitely more affordable than a Porsche. Save up and send your speed demon to one of the driving schools located around the country. That person who is difficult to buy for will receive the ultimate gift: the chance to speed around a track in an actual race car at speeds up to 160 miles per hour.