Gift Baskets: How to Sell Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are one of those crafts that you can create from scratch without spending a lot of money. The size and extent of what you want to add to it is up to you. Gift baskets can be themed according to the occasion or they can hold a neutral theme, good for any occasion.

If you are interested in selling gift baskets, here are a few tips.

Start with who you know. Tell all of your friends and family that you are starting a gift basket business. Find out who may need gifts and offer to make them for a discounted price. This is incentive for them to give you a try.

Promote yourself. Carry business cards around. Create an automated email signature with a link to your website or online shop so people will be tempted to click on your link. Tell everyone you know and talk about it when you can without overdoing it of course. You don’t want your friends shying away from you when they see you because they know all you are going to talk about are gift baskets. Make a few smaller gift baskets for your own friends and family and give them away as a gift. This will show them your work and increase the excitement.

Find a niche. If you can find an angle or area that hasn’t been overdone in the gift basket industry then specialize in that. For example, you can specialize in pet gift baskets. People are huge animal lovers and will buy most anything for their pets. Find something that will amaze your customers and have them thinking to themselves that your product is so original and they haven’t seen it anywhere else.

Use social media to help you market. Living in today’s times it is easier than ever to market to a wide audience. Using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can get your message out about your gift basket business without having to go door-to-door (not recommended anyway). For Twitter, put out a hashtag like #giftbaskets and tweet to all of your followers the benefits of giving gift baskets. Work out different ideas like this to get responses.

Always be prepared to share your business. Make sure that you always have business cards available wherever you are with your name and phone number listed. Don’t pass up an opportunity to let people you encounter know that you are the go to person for gift baskets. That includes the cashier ringing up your groceries at the grocery store and the waiter or waitress when you are dining out.

Marketing and promoting yourself is going to be at least half of your job. This must be an ongoing action for the length of your business. Follow these tips and you are most certainly on your way to having a successful gift basket business.