Getting to the Top

Did anyone ever tell you you can’t do something and it makes you feel like you can’t? Hard as it is when someone tells you that you must prove them wrong.
In 2006 I just came out of an absive relationship. We tried being just friends but he got worse. He called me “stupid” if I didn’t do something right and always brought me down. That summer he ignored me and when we were playing pool in the fall and I was losing he got mad. I finally stood up to him and when we would see each other in the hall we wouldn’t speak to each other.
One day after Sociology class I asked a fellow student Jason about the homework and ever since then he would walk me to my next class. He even offered to carry my books one day. I had a feeling he liked me and he asked me out. I didn’t know him and was scared to trust guys after the position I was in. I made an excuse I was busy and he got the hint. He didn’t speak to me after that. I don’t know what it was but before Christmas Break I started to like him.
When school re opened for spring semester I told him my schdule opened up. It was almost Valentine’s Day and he said we would meet in the hall because his classroom was right before mine and we would always pass each other when he was leaving and I was enterting. His room was changed one day and he never showed up. On Valentine’s Day there was a snow day and I saw him the next day when class resumed. Suddenly he was cold to me even though he looked happy when I told him that my schdule opened up and he said we would figure something out. The next week he was flirting with another girl and ignored me since. I don’t know what happened.
I always tried hard in school but that year I took Italian. Pepole told me that it would be hard and at first it was. I was upset over Jason but I put all my energy into my school work so I wouldn’t have to think about him. I wanted to prove everyone wrong who would say I’m not smart enough. That semester I had a 3.5.
I also gave Trevor a chance. He was my roomates boyfriends roomate and always around. He wasn’t my type and I turned him down alot at first. I thought he wouldn’t hurt me and that summer I fell in love with someone who I never thought I would fall in love with. I learned from him that not all guys are abusive and aren’t players.
I learned alot from this experience. I learned that I can do anything I put my mind too. That goes for everyone. The world may make you feel like you’re not good enough and you can’t acheive your dreams. If you put your mind to something and give it your all then you could excel and show the world that you are smart enough and you can acheive anything you want.