Getting Ready for Summer Heat

Summer heat is on the way, if we like it or not. A lot of people talk about the weather, but no one seems to do much about it. Why not be ready? If you haven’t seen the thermometer creeping up past a nice comfortable range and getting close to awful, perhaps you might want to think about getting ready for the inevitable. Some people actually get by all summer long without having an air conditioner, or even use a fan. For the rest of us, here are a few ideas to consider, so that this summer, we might more reasonably enjoy the change from winter, and not curse it.

First, try to treat the doors of your home like it is an airlock on a space ship. If you were expecting to get sucked out into the galaxy beyond, you wouldn’t stand there with the door wide open for too long. If you have your air conditioner running, the same applies to containing the precious cooled air within your abode. If you need to see what is outside, try using a window. Exterior doors let kids in and out, but need to be closed to serve any insulation purposes. Additionally, have family members recognize that all can have conversations with one another either inside or outside of a closed door. It is simple, but can save you a great deal of energy. Keep your expensive air conditioned air inside the place.

Next, plan your outdoor trips with military precision. Have a list, or devise a map giving you a logical pattern to where you need to go on chores or outings, so you can do leave and return efficiently and quickly. The faster you can get back into the sanctuary of air conditioning, the less time you will bask in the heat. Oh, you might have a car with air conditioning, but does it actually cool down on short trips? If you swelter in heat with high humidity, does anything shy of being able to move quickly provide relief? The need for speed is the rule for cool.

Finally, is your body ready for extreme weather? Being overweight and out of shape only adds to the stress of trying to deal with heat. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Coffee, energy drinks, and sodas just do not give your body what it really needs. Dress in fabrics that breathe and help wick off the moisture your body wants to evaporate to cool your skin. Use shade whenever possible; wear a hat or something with a brim to keep the sun off of your body. Sun block or sunscreen helps, but if you have to walk great distances, even as awkward as it may seem, use an umbrella (or call it a parasol if you want to be stylish). If one can truly prepare for the sun, it can be fun. Relax, and enjoy summer.