Getting Over Abuse

Everybody has bad memories or experiences within their life. Sometimes it is harder to get over a certain experience than others. But it is possible with a lot of work. One of the most well known problems people have overcoming is abuse.

There are three types of abuse. Physical abuse which is where someone is physically hurting someone with hitting, throwing things or anything of that nature. Emotional abuse is harder to prove but at times just as bad if not worse than physical abuse. This is where someone puts someone down, using bad/foul names, playing hurtful games with someone or making someone fear you with words. In short anything that is psychologically harmful to another. Sexual abuse is where someone actually rapes another or molestation.

Any of these types of abuse are harmful to a person and it is incredibly hard to “just get over it” or “forget about it.” A lot of people expect over time that you should forget about what happened to you. It is not that simple though.

Talking to someone is one of the most important things a person dealing with emotions of hurt or pain after any these types of abuse occur. If you don’t want to talk to anyone you know for embarrassment or fear of judgment professionals are available to help you. Just remember if you talk to someone who is not a professional they won’t be able to relate because they don’t know what it is like. So don’t get frustrated if they don’t get it.

A hobby is a great outlet to get rid of some of your pain. Writing in a journal, a poem, music or stories are fantastic ways to help get rid of the pain. You are getting your feelings out and down on paper and is sometimes more helpful than talking. Painting, drawing, sculpting is another outlet that is fantastic. You can show how you feel with the colors you use, the pictures you create. Also, some use exercise to help alleviate the pain. With this just be careful you don’t over do it and harm yourself.

Someone very close to me once told me that bottling up the pain if more harmful that good. And that a person can’t just forget what happened to them, no matter how much they want too. You have to accept what happened and shed some tears in the process. It is okay to be sad, angry, and it is okay to cry. It’s part of the healing process.

Another important thing to do is pray. I know some people thing but God let this happen to me, I was once there. But in all honesty, it is not God who doesn ugly and awful things in the world. God is the one who turns something ugly and awful into something beautiful and amazing. He never lets anything happen to us that is more than we can handle.