Getting More Traffic – How Can You Improve Your Website’s Traffic Flow?

Making money online may sound simple in theory, but in practice you need more than the cut-and-dried instructions. In online business, traffic volume is the key. How can you improve your website’s traffic flow? There are lots of tips and tricks to achieve this, and in this article I can only cover a few. If you are interested in learning more internet marketing and traffic tips go here…

Where one cannot succeed, the combined efforts of many can. Teaming up with other marketers opens up a number of possibilities for marketing, in addition to allowing the group to pool resources for greater effect.

The trick is to find fellow marketers whom you can trust. The basic rule here is to make sure all parties fulfill their obligations.

Work with Other Marketers.

Working with other marketers can help all concerned parties boost their traffic. Mentioning each other’s products or services in posts is a good way to encourage cross-site traffic. This may be a little tricky if you are marketing different types of products, and it can also be awkward if you are direct competitors. However, you can work this out.

Link to Other Websites.

Link to other marketers’ websites and have them link back to you under a section like “Our Partners” or “More Cool Stuff At”.

Aside from less permanent links as they appear in posts and entries, you can encourage more long-term partnerships and cross promotions by including each other’s URLs under a permanent sidebar or menu location. That way, customers are more likely to spot the cross-site links and also perceive a longer-term relationship between your two websites — which can be interpreted as a mark of trust.

Promote Your Partner’s Goods or Services.

When a customer makes a purchase, insert an offer for a partner’s goods or services after the order confirmation, and have your partner do the same for you. This is an easy way to make commissions and also improve traffic along the way. Upon confirming an order, redirect visitors to a page with recommendations, or generate a popup with the same intent.

You get paid for what you sold, and open up the possibility of making a little extra off of a commission — does the phrase “two birds” sound familiar?

Offer free stuff from partners and they can do the same for you.

Giving away samples and free items on your own can be effective, but not as effective as having other people do it for you. Allowing your partners to distribute something you gave them freely improves your traffic because it encourages buyers to seek the source of the freebie.

Sponsor Events.

If you can get enough people, you can start sponsoring events or public entities like local bands and sports teams. One great thing about working together with other marketers is that it allows you to pool resources. Sponsoring local clubs, teams, and bands is a great way to make some real-world publicity, and splitting up the costs between many people makes it less painful and more financially viable.

Email for Your Partners

When you send regular e-mails to customers, you can include offers for your partners’ stuff too. As an active marketer, you probably send e-mails to your subscribers on a regular or even irregular basis. These e-mails are perfect for introducing your partners to the subscribers. Whether you link to them inline or via a “partners” section, or even through a footer section, you can improve traffic for your partners, and hopefully they will do the same for you.

Participate in Traffic Exchange

A traffic exchange is a service where you can get people to visit your website if you visit theirs — great for the starting marketer. When it comes to improving traffic volume directly, you can take matters into your own hands, or at least your index finger.

Through traffic exchanges you can “trade” your visits for visits from other marketers. Plus, this is also a chance to meet people with similar interests in either traffic generation or business matters.