Getting Involved with the Breast Cancer Walk to Help Bring Awareness

Breast cancer affects millions of women worldwide, and has caused many deaths. 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer, and is the second most common cause of death after lung cancer. Unfortunately many women lose their battle with this disease, and through awareness programs it is hoped that less women will be taken this way. Early detection and an intensive screening program have meant that more women have been saved.

Breast cancer charities have began to bring the stories and heartfelt messages of the survivors, and cancer victims through the cancer awareness month. This amazing campaign offers support and information to people who have been affected by cancer. The breast cancer walk is one of the most prominent awareness campaigns that have been organized. It brings together a huge number of people all over the world, who are walking to show their support, and raise money for this worthwhile cause.

The walk is the perfect platform to bring a massive amount of awareness, and support for the work that the cancer charities continue to do. Although the breast cancer walk does differ from country to country, the concept remains the same. The millions of people that join these walks want to come together to beat cancer. In America the walk is based over a special three day events program that allows people of any age, gender, race or religion to join in, and raise awareness of the disease. Check out the Jason Hope blog to learn more about research into the world’s deadliest diseases.

Over the three days the participants will cover an amazing 60 miles. This event is not a race; it is simply a group of like minded people walking to raise money. You can walk as fast or as slowly as you want, and along the way participate in an amazing journey. The breast cancer walk will enable you to meet people with similar stories to yours, and the stories that are shared will stay with you forever. At the end of every day there are tents, and sleeping bags provided as well as food, and drink.

The whole experience is a very bonding time for the people who are participating in the walk. Although the breast cancer walk is ultimately to bring awareness to the disease that takes so many good women from our lives. It is also about fund raising, education, and research to enable the doctors, and charities to continue their amazing work. People are often very generous when it comes to donating for breast cancer charities, and although you are asked to raise a minimal amount to compete, many people go over and beyond the amount.

Proceeds of the breast cancer walk go to the Susan G Komen cure movement. Over $1 billion has already been raised to enable people to fight cancer. Although there is a fun, and light mood on the days of the walk it must not be forgotten that every single person is doing the breast cancer walk because they have been affected by the disease. No matter where you participate in the event, or how much you raise. Remember that together we will beat cancer.