Getting a Passport in Tatkaal is Becoming a Nightmare

Passport is a gate-way for us and is also becoming an ID Proof as well. Getting a passport now-a-days has become easy as passport officials have taken a massive step to speed up the process. A lot of passport collection centers were in place and online enquiry to know your status of your passport was also implemented. Brokers intervention was minimised drastically. This was all ok for normal passport applicants.

Passport Offices have also introduced Tatkaal Schemes for those who require passort in urgency. Is this scheme really worthy for the people or is this scheme specifically designed to full-fill the pockets of Passport officials and brokers? Lets take an example of Hyderabad Passport Office. I have much bitter experience for my tatkaal passport and want to share this with all of you.

For Tatkaal Passports Hyderabad Passport Office is allocating daily 300 tokens i.e, 300 applications only and the demand is much more. To apply a pasport in Tatkaal scheme, you have to first stand up in a que which will be more in length and less in getting a token. Just to get a token you have to stand in the line for even 24 Hours also. From here the brokers starts playing by offering you a front position in que for Rs.1500 to Rs 2000. What do you understand from this. Well! From this we can unerstand that most of the people in the que are from brokers only. Nobody is there to take care of this situation. Even Passport Security people will get percentage from them and hence big mutual understanding in between. If you want to get a token for Tatkaal passport for tomorrow you have to bring in your lunch and dinner for today itself and you have to reserve your place. Even after such hardwork there is no gurantee that you will get a token as the 300 tokens are disturbuted among the brokers, Vips, Oldage people and the common man….

If you do not want to take such risk then approach straight way to a broker at around 6-8 AM in the morning. They will let you in straight away through VIP counter or get you token for Rs. 3000-5000. So if you want to get a passport in Tatkaal scheme you have to spend nearly Rs. 8000-10 000 rupees. Isn’t it stunning…..Infact this is a open secret and everybody knows. Right from the Passport Officer to Passport security but everybody is keeping it quiet as this is the only source of income (externally). The joke is that after 9:00AM or 9:30AM when the passport gates are opened, the passport office staff members and security will act as if they are the only strict offcers found on this earth.

The process for normal passport applications was streamlined without any intervention of third person. For Tatkaal Passports also a strict process must be defined to eliminate the involvement of third person.