Get the Candy Out of the Easter Baskets

Spring is just about here, bringing with it a decision many parents dread. What to put in their child’s Easter basket this year. The tradition over the years has been to fill it with a large chocolate bunny, Peeps, jelly beans, and any other number of Hershey or Nestle choices. Then deal with the stomachache that is second to only the one your child gets the day after Halloween. Easter baskets, however, don’t have to be just about candy, in fact your only limitation may be your imagination.

Children look forward to Easter almost as much as Christmas. The painting of the eggs, the Easter egg hunt, and of course the Easter basket. This year instead of filling that basket with candy, make it as personalized as possible toward your child. Start a new tradition that your child may even appreciate more and eventually pass down to their own child. The options are almost limitless.

The only thing children may actually like better than candy is toys. The Easter basket is a great way to surprise your child with some new toys that will last long after any candy will be gone. Matchbox cars and trucks, and action figures make great choices for boys. Girls will love stuffed animals or Barbie dolls. You may even want to consider a trip to a store like Learning Express to find toys that are educational as well as fun.

Books and videos also make great choices for Easter Baskets. Barnes and Noble has a large children’s section in all of their stores where they do a great job of displaying Easter themed books of some of your child’s favorite characters. Here again, the books or videos don’t have to be solely about entertainment, they can be educational as well. Max and Ruby, based on the Nickelodeon cartoon are especially popular for Easter as the books and videos already feature rabbits.

Easter baskets also give you a great opportunity to introduce your child to a new craft. Stores like Michaels or A.C. Moore have great selections of what could turn into a lifetime hobby if not just a fun experience for your child. Paint by numbers, jewelry making, friendship bracelets, and so much more. You could even do something together like candy making or cake decorating.

The choices truly are limitless when it comes to your child’s Easter basket. You certainly don’t have to present them a basket filled with candy that will be gone in a few days. The basket could provide them with toys, books, videos, crafts, etc. that could give them enjoyment long after Easter has come and gone. Though it wouldn’t hurt to hide a few jelly beans or Peeps in there, maybe they’ii even share with you!