Get Scared Out on Horror Nights Tour, Preparing for Album Release

Utah rock band Get Scared are getting ready to release their debut album Best Kind of Mess on July 12.

The band is currently out opening for Aiden on their Horror Nights Tour along with Dr. Acula, Vampires Everywhere! and Eyes Set To Kill.

The tour began in Utah on May 9 and wraps up June 20 in California.

Get Scared consists of long time friends vocalist Nicholas Mathews, guitarists Johnny B and Bradley Lloyd and drummer Dan Edwards.

The band formed in 2008 and subsequently self-released their first EP and created a Internet buzz with their video “If She Only Knew Voodoo Like I Do” which led to them being signed by Universal Motown Records last year.

Since then, the band has released another EP and toured extensively.

During the Spring and Summer of last year, Get Scared began recording Best Kind of Mess in California with producer John Feldmann (Atreyu, The Used).

On Tuesday night, after their Horror Nights’ set in Detroit, I sat down with the band to talk about their album and the tour.

When asked how the tour was going the band all agreed that it had been going well so far, “There’s usually that first week of the tour where we’re trying to get comfortable with each other. It’s like, who are these guys? But since the first day of this tour it was like, hey what’s up! It’s been a really, really, very comfortable tour so far,” explained Johnny.

Lloyd went on to say, “It’s been really good. It’s starting to really pick up. The first few days kids were like in school and whatever but on the weekends they are really coming out. They go crazy and they are around wanting you to sign a bunch of stuff. It’s awesome.”

Unfortunately, Tuesday’s Detroit show at the Shelter was not one of those with a really light crowd due not only to being a weekday but the terrible weather which was cold and rainy, “The kids were great but they were just a little sleepy,” said Lloyd.

After this tour ends, Get Scared will be playing a couple of weeks on the Warped Tour on the East Coast and hope to set up some more dates before then as well, “It’s going to be constant touring so we’re excited about that.” Mathews shared.

The band is more than ready to finally release the new album as it is something that they have been working towards for a long time, “It’s definitely a dynamic record,” said Mathews.

“It’s well-rounded,” chimed in Lloyd. “We tried to get out of our comfort zone and do some softer tracks. We even have some tracks that are heavier than anything we’ve ever written. We’re super stoked on it!”

Johnny went on to add, “I like how we waited a little bit to release it to. Just recently our label had us put a song together and it came out awesome. We’re excited to get an extra song on it.”

When asked to describe Best Kind of Mess, they all agreed that it is a hard rock album with a modern flair or, as Mathews put it, “not Creed”.

The band also all agree that the last song they recorded in Connecticut called “Hate” is their favorite off of the album, “It kind of summed up where there was a void in the album. There was just something missing. [Recording it] kind of put a period at the end of the record. It was perfect,” said Lloyd.

After Mathews said his favorite song is the album’s title track, Lloyd agreed, “Yeah. “Best Kind of Mess” is kind of epic. We all love that one too.”

“So much we named the whole album after it!” laughed Mathews.

The Horror Nights Tour’s lineup is a eclectic mix of gothic rock, metal and hard rock but the bands all seem to mesh well.

The tour is a tightly packed one with not many days off or free time allowed but the band had managed to get out the day before to visit the Mall of America in Minnesota where Lloyd spent his time riding rollercoasters, “We rode the Sponge Bob ride.”, Edwards went in search of pretzels and Lloyd went shoe shopping.

When asked if there is anyone in particular they are looking to tour with in the future a number of names were thrown out including 30 Seconds to Mars, Marilyn Manson, D.R.U.G.S. and Muse.

After I asked about the rock scene in Utah, the band explained that there is a large indie rock scene with a number of talented bands like I Am The Ocean and Gaza.

All the members say that they fell into music at a very young age, “For me it was a family thing. I had a brother who taught me how to play the guitar and then I found out about Nirvana and Korn. shared Johnny.

Lloyd went on to speak about changing priorities, “As a kid you look at it as I want to be a rockstar. Then once it becomes real and you actually start playing in a band you realize that okay I want to make this a legitimate career and not a total party. As far back as I remember I’ve wanted to be in a band.”

Mathews said that he was raised on music which created a lifelong love of it while Edwards says he was around music his entire life, “I picked up bass and then couldn’t find a drummer so I picked up the drums too. That’s how I started and it’s an addiction now.”

To conclude the interview I asked them why people should go out and purchase Best Kind of Mess which took Lloyd by surprise, “Wow that’s a cool question. Why should they get it? I guess if they want something that’s relatable. You can learn more about us by getting it.”

Mathews interrupted with, “I’m hungry! Buy it and I can eat.”

Johnny continued with “You can listen to it without having to study it.” while Edwards chimed in with “It rocks!”

Mathews went on to say that “It’s not a huge metaphorical record. It’s straightforward and relatable.”

Lloyd finished up with, “Nick has a lot of personal lyrics in there that are great. If you listen to it front to back you can hear the struggles that the band went through to get to now. It’s something we’ve all worked on since day one.”