Gay Students and Allies Against School Bullying: Ethics Vs. The Gay Youth Movement in America

Ethical disobedience or a sway towards unethical behavior is the question that pertains to a no longer silent majority of young people who proclaim they are gay. We live in a time where the ethics of homosexuality is now being accepted as normal behavior pertaining to a certain number of youth in America, in addition to the ever growing popularity of this cult like movement.

It is quite saddening to see that our present society is catering more to the acceptance of homosexuality in American schools, instead of teaching and educating the importance of abstinence before marriage. Even though this may not be a practical way for the majority of America ‘s youth to view this life changing event, this is where our American school system fails most miserably in their attempt to curb any type of bullying.

When the daily prayer was removed from the public school system, it seemed as though the very fabric of common sense and well-brought-up morality has now been placed in the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

The unfolding of homosexuality activity among the youth of today has become more widespread and accepted in our nation, and as a matter of fact, there are many parents whom feel that it is acceptable for their children to indulge in such inappropriate behavior.

What may be even more disturbing than the bullying that is happening in our American school system, it is more so the lack of moral values that once shaped our eroding great nation.

During the baby boom generation – where high school was a time of coming to terms with ones sexuality, it was also a time where young men and women took pleasure in the natural order of dating, and even falling in love. The present situation is quite grim for the new generation of high school students whom participate in a homosexual lifestyle. There are many educators, teachers, and state legislators that have opened the gateway – where this type of sexual promiscuity has now become the norm.

In actuality, our American school system has become a weaker institution pertaining to moral values, and now the twisted exercise of practicing homosexuality has now infiltrated our American school system. The very fabric of our society is now being ruled by what was once was thought of as taboo – has now become the stepping stone of disturbing despair for many young people who are seeking sound advice and counsel. The allies – whom proclaim that they are protecting the rights of homosexual school children, are none other than adults whom have lost their way in this life, which in turn plays a major role on how our nation and school system deals with bullying and homosexual activity.

If our nation is to regain our Christian values, it will take true courage from a majority of people who pray for the youth of today, certainly – they are our future.

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